Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Book Whoreding

I finished reading book #6 of the Rock Chick Series: Rock Chick Reckoning by Kristen Ashley. Turns out, I liked it!  The author changed it up some so this book wasn't like reading the same five books before it.

This one was a little more gritty than the others, I think not as syrupy sweet as I was kindof finding the others.
She also did something new, where the other books are written in first person perspective by the Heroine of the book, this one mostly is, too, but sometimes she changes and writes from one of the other character's perspective. I thought that added some depth to the story.

So Stella and Mace used to date, but she was more devoted to her Band than him.
Because of the way she was treated by her parents as a child, she considers her Band as her identity. Without them, she thinks she's nothing.  But Mace didn't know about her past.

He also has a very rough past that she didn't know about.

The weird thing about the book was there was a long epilogue at the end, giving details of the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch guys futures, the babies they all have, and a couple more of the characters that got together later even though there were still two more books afterwards.

Then I went straight into book #7, Rock Chick Regret. I really liked this book, maybe best of all of them.
It was more serious than the previous books, more emotional, traumatic. But still with the author's trade humor.

Hector is an ex-DEA agent, responsible for bringing down Sadie's Drug King father's empire and sending him to prison.  Sadie didn't like her father, and tried to help Hector by planting evidence for him.
One night, when she'd had too much to drink, she made a play for Hector, but he made a comment she took wrong and she froze up on him.

Sadie was an Ice Princess in attempt to keep people distance and hide her feelings. Because of who her father was, people didn't like her, or used her, but never stuck by her.
She had been friends with Daisy at one time, until Daisy overheard some of Sadie's "friends" talking about her. Sadie didn't defend Daisy in Daisy's hearing, she got revenge in another way, but Daisy's husband never told her about that.

So when the story begins, and Sadie feels desperate enough to go Lee for help, no one likes her, and he turns her away.  Not long after that, she is badly beaten and raped, and flees to the Nightingale offices for help. (Don't worry, no rape scene.)
Lee blames himself, and Marcus tells Daisy he didn't tell her that Sadie got revenge on the hateful woman that had been talking bed about her.
So Lee and Hector make sure Daisy's heavily guarded and protected for a few weeks while she works through her trauma with her gay friends, Buddy and Ralphie.

Eventually the Rock Chicks come calling, and she doesn't understand what they want or what they're doing. When Hector makes his play she believes he's getting revenge for her being a "prick tease" that time.


Book 8 will be Ally Nightingale and Ren Vano's story. I'm looking forward to it, as in really looking forward to it, but there's not even a hint of when it'll be ready.

I haven't started another book yet because I don't exactly know where to go after Sadie and Hector's story.  I have all of Kristen Ashley's other books, but I'm not sure if I want to go back, when we just came so far.

I would almost just re-read a book or two I know I liked, so I don't accidently stumble into one I don't like, after having just read one I liked. (Don't worry, that all makes sense to me.)

Hmm, I maybe in the mood for some cowboy sex. Yippee-ki-yay, honeybuns!

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