Thursday, January 05, 2012

Photo A Day Day 5

Well after posting my Day 4 photo, I realized today was actually Day 5.

Day 5 is Something You Wore.
This could be any number of things: clothes, shoes, earrings, a temp tattoo, a wig, a tiara, a costume, a wedding dress, flowers in your hair, perfume, and so on.

I picked my Nick and Norah Roaming Gnome pajama top, because it's my favorite thing to wear.
I always liked the Roaming Gnome. We had a little Gnome once we took traveling with us and tried to take his picture in different places and stuff, but I obviously didn't know how to do it right, so they didn't turn out well, and then the Gnome roamed off or something before our next trip, because we don't know where he went.

I also love the colors of the shirt, and it's comfortable, and best yet, I only paid 50¢ for it at a thrift store.

(Still not a very creative or artistic kind of photo.)

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