Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo A Day, Day 8

Day 8, Your Sky
Well I fell off the Photo A Day wagon. I started Saturday (again, early?) and didn't feel good so I spent the day in bed reading. Then J came in from work Sunday morning talking about wanting to go work outside. Thing was, last Thursday the weather was nice and we worked out in the yard and he ended up relapsing with the crud again and ended up in the doctor's office with a bad sinus infection on Friday. Anyway the forecast said it was supposed to rain Sunday so I talked him into spending the day in bed. It was grey and dreary outside, and did start raining, so I didn't bother getting out of bed either. We just lounged and watched tv and napped. I still wanted him to spend another day in bed resting and sleeping yesterday, so I pretty much had to stay in it with him.

So, nothing has gotten done the past few days, but hopefully J's meds were able to work to fight the germs this time while he was laying down and resting and not using a bunch of energy doing other stuff.

I took this picture on the 5th of the moon in my sky while it was still daylight out.

Today I made blackberry jam...or a disaster.

Our big freezer was going out and I was trying to relocate everything to our other refrigerator/freezers, but had left some stuff behind hoping either I'd get it moved before it went on out or else it would stay cool enough, being frozen, inside with the door shut.
Well, it didn't.  I had to throw some stuff out, but decided to try to save the blackberries. I don't know what kind of disease you can get from too-long thawed fruit, and anyway I boiled it so hopefully killed any germs there might have been.

I've never made jam or jelly in my life, and had no real idea of what I was doing. I called my Mom and she told me she uses the instructions inside the Sure-jell box, so that's what I did, too.
Sort of.
Apparently you shouldn't read only like the first five words of a sentence of instructions. Apparently all the words they write there are important.

I want to say Oh well, if I screwed it up, I was going to lose the berries anyway, but it's hard to be nonchalant about it knowing the obscene amount of sugar I had to use in the stuff.

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