Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's Weather

however, is another story. It is overcast and chilly despite being 61* and occasionally rainy, but the worst of it is the ridiculous wind blowing today.  Like gale force, or hurricane winds it seems like.  In a yard full of huge, ancient trees, this is a scary thing.

So a little bit ago Ryan came downstairs and said, "I heard it, which one was it?"  We went and looked out the doors, and saw this:

The big tree in our side yard broke in half and fell over into our neighbors yard, coming pretty dang close to their house!  Yikes.

Of course J's on duty today, because isn't that always the way? I texted him a picture because, you know, had to make his day, too.

He called and said they are running one after another call for trees down on power lines.
Then Ryan came downstairs and said a tree went down and knocked out power across the street behind us.

It's supposed to drop down to around 30* tonight, with a wind chill in the 20's tomorrow morning, only into the 50's during the day, when we'll be out having to cut up and clean up this tree :(

I don't love these rough incoming Spring time of the season. It's roaring in like a lion this year.


So yesterday we had some gorgeous, 70* weather and I got started sewing my seeds to sprout for the garden.
Sunflowers, green onions, Sweet Banana Peppers, Grand Bell Mix peppers
LOL, I got a little carried away making the newspaper seed pots.
Zuchini squash
Lima beans
So far the newspaper seed pots are holding up to watering okay, they aren't falling apart (yet?).  It's only been one day, though, and we have several weeks to go. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? lol

My youngest kid had three days out of school this week - President's Day or Winter Break, whatever ya wanna call it - so we took off for a few rest- and relax-ful (ha!) days at my parents place in Steinhatchee, Florida.

Last weekend there was the 4th Annual Fiddler Crab Festival.
We got there about 4pm, and the weather was gorgeous! Mom had the windows open, J changed into shorts, I put on a tshirt. Niiiiice!

Fiddler Crab Festival along the Steinhatchee River
The 'rents workin' the Concert gate.
Ryan and John enjoying yummy Funnel Cake
Dad and Crabby Lady

On Sunday the weather started out nice, but then the wind picked up and blew and blew.  We went 17 miles up the road to Keaton Beach but the wind was blowing like gale force winds and my hair looked like it exploded and there's no way I'm posting a picture of that! lol

After there we went on up to Perry, Florida to go to Walgreens (I had Register Rewards expiring that day) and went in Winn Dixie for a couple of grocery type things.

Monday, we slept late, relaxed around the house, walked to the post office and around the neighborhood and basically didn't do much of anything.

On Tuesday, Daddy decided we'd go out fishing in the boat. Mom and I declined, but somehow ended up finding ourselves aboard anyway.
Had I knew he was planning to go FOURTEEN MILES out into the ocean, I would have declined a bit more strenuously.

Ryan's {some kind of fish}
Dad and John were reeling in black bass one after another.
Mom caught same kind as Ryan (I snapped too early)
Ryan caught another {some kind of fish}
John caught another bass

Besides the fact I get motion sick anyway, the ocean was rough that day. We were bobbing and swaying and I took as many pics as I could of them fishing, then I had to lay out and try to keep it down.

It didn't work. Shortly after this picture was taken (by my dear, caring, sympathetic husband), I was hanging over the side spewing my breakfast, which in turn made Ryan sick, while my (dear, caring, sympathetic) Dad was hollering "Take a picture and post it on Facebook!"

So if a picture of me spewing chunks shows up on FB, I was sea-sick, not drunk! LoL

We're back home today, feeling beat up and worse than we started when we set out for a few days of rest and relaxation. Ha!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Blog

(If you don't read any thing else, please read the last line of this post before clicking on the New Blog link.)

As you might know, I've been reading a lot lately. It being Winter, and me being a hibernator and not much up to doing anything that involves me getting more than a few feet from my heater for any length of time. (Yes, I know this has been a warmer than normal Winter, but that doesn't seem have mattered.)

At any rate, I was starting to feel constrained in my Wednesday Book/Reading posts. If I wrote everything I wanted to say about each book, times a few books, the post would end up much too long. 

Not to mention, by the time I've gotten to a third book in a week, I've pretty much forgotten the first one or what my opinion was about it, causing me to have to go back and practically re-read it to recall it. 

Also, the books I'm reading are fairly risque', I think, and I think, too, there's a reason for that. 

Since I already have a viewing audience here, I wasn't feeling taking this Blog in that direction, with no warning. Or any warning at all.  I started this Blog as a family type, home life Blog, and I'm thinking I want to keep it that way.

I originally started the New Blog as a Book/Reader Blog, where I could post about a book I read as soon as I finished, no matter what day it was, giving each book it's own post, and not having to condense what I wanted to say about it.

But as I started writing, and didn't feel a mental flinch everytime I typed a bad word, I got to thinking, this could be my Grown-up Blog.

The New Blog is still in transition; I had given it a Book-Reader title, then tried out a couple of other titles I didn't  care for (I am terrible at titling blogs, posts, pretty much anything).  At the moment it's just called Millie's Place, but that may change. And likely the design, and as I add gadgets and ads and stuff.

Also, I put an Over 18 Warning on it, so be advised if you're offended by cussing, sex, naked pictures, porn, and/or TMI, you're likely to see it there.

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Shopping Angel

I'm not entirely sure if this post would fit under the topic of Theological Discussion, or Fiction Writings, but here's my story, which is entirely true, even if it's not really.

This past Sunday I went out to go coupon shopping at one of the drug stores that had a pretty good sale going on.
This part is a bit hard to explain; I had to drive J to his brother's to help him work on his (J's) truck that had all but broken down the week before. Where the brother lives, I could go one way to one of these drug stores, then on to another one, then over to another one, up to another one, then another, and make a big circle back around to brother's place.
The reason I do this is because I don't like to be a "shelf clearer", buying up all the sale items from one store so no one else can get any. Since I'm out that far from home anyway, it's not a big deal to take a route that visits multiple stores.

I had my shopping plan in place which included buying aspirin, energy strips, and toothpaste in one order, then "rolling" the drug-store-money-coupon I got back into some sex-lube and eggs.

At the first store I went to, I only found one box of aspirin on the shelf, and was disappointed because I had wanted to do two deals. I stood there and whined to myself for a couple of moments, then I decided or was prodded to look again. I bent over and looked, and there was one more box of aspirin at the back of the next row over.
I said, "Woo-hoo! Thank you, Shopping Angel!"

I should explain here that I've had "Shopping Angel" (or Angels) for awhile, after I started doing the Xtreme Qpon thing and would be treated badly by some cashiers who were either jealous or thought I was somehow scamming/stealing to be able to get so much stuff for free. I got to where I started praying to my "Shopping Angel(s)" to help things go smoothly, or that there would be the items I needed in stock, or thanking her/them when things went smoothly or the items I wanted were in stock.

Of course, the smooth shops and/or having plenty of stock was only good about half the time, so I didn't really believe there was any 'higher' help going on.
And once that horrible "Extreme Couponing" show came on TLC, if there was any 'higher' help, she/they abandoned the field completely.

Anyway, because it seemed like the box of aspirin appeared out of nowhere when I needed it, I just thanked the Shopping Angel that seemed to be hanging around.

Moving along, the store was completely out of the sex-lube.
I knew going so late in the day that I would be lucky to find any of the Free-After-(coupon) items, so I wasn't really surprised.  I asked a manager, then later a cashier if they would have any more in the back (never take one's person word, many of them have an agenda of being coupon-user-haters). The manager told me they didn't keep any stock in the back (liah!) and the cashier told me they'd never gotten any in to start with.

Having read on some message boards that a good many of the sale items are out of stock at the warehouse, so the stores aren't getting any in, I thought the cashier's word might be plausible.
So, when I left that store and debated driving on to the next store, I wasn't sure it was worth trying. Either they didn't get any in at all, or it was so late in the day they were probably going to be out.
Because not only was it free sex lube, it was money-making sex lube, of course it's going to go OOS (out of stock) fast.

However, while debating the value of trying the next store, my car turned on the road taking me to the other store, instead of towards home.
I rolled my eyes and said (to Shopping Angel), "I hope you know what you're doing."

I am not shittin' you here, the very next second, the song I Get A Good Feeling by Flo Rida started playing on the car radio.
"Ok, I hope you know what you're talking about."

And, sure a freekin' nuff, the next store had a whole stock of the sex-lube!

So I was able to "roll" my aspirin, energy strips and toothpaste (coupons) into the sex-lube and eggs deal.
Unfortunately, they didn't have any aspirin in stock, so I couldn't turn around and "roll" my (coupons) from the sex-lube and eggs deal into more aspirin, energy strips, and toothpaste deals.

Since I was already way across town and it was just as easy to keep on to the other stores as to go home, I headed on to the next store. On the way, I told Shopping Angel, that was nice, but it would be really nice if this next store had all the items in stock so I could do a couple of "rolls" to make up for the lack of deals I was able to do at the previous two stores (I had planned on being able to do two deals at each store).

The song Give Me Everything by Pitbull was already playing on the car radio, but again, not shittin' you, I no sooner thought the thought, when the verse "And baby, I'ma make you feel so good tonight, 'cause we might not get tomorrow", "Give me everything tonight" played in answer.

Okay, I have to admit, that freaked me out a little.

Then I went in the store and they had lots of everything I wanted in stock. And the cashier was so freekin' nice. I was able to do my deals four times without any problem.

"Shopping Angel, you da bomb!"

But seriously, what was that? Freakish coincidence? Or... I mean, how does one keep denying something that seems so apparently blatant?   It seems like asking someone to show you they can lift 500 pounds, then still not believing it even when you've seen it with your own eyes. Right?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday Book Day

Last week, I don't know if the books I read wrung out my emotions, or if my emotions caused me to take the books harder than I normally would have, but whew, after those I needed something fluffy and sweet.

How to Sleep with a Movie Star by Kristin Harmel filled that order. (Luckily, since it was another one I judged by the cover and didn't read any reviews or synapsis about. I don't know why I dive right in and won't take a minute to check it out first.)

Claire is the Celebrity reporter for a women's managzine in New York, and she gets the assignment to interview Hollywood's #1 Hottie, Cole Brannon (think Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp - in their day. Um, now I guess it would be... um... or... hm, seems I don't know who the current Hotties are).

Claire's an experienced reporter and isn't really impressed by actors, though she does end up liking Cole as a person. But she knows better than to mix business with pleasure, and besides she had a boyfriend.
One day she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and ended up getting drunk in a bar, where Cole Brannon happened to be hanging out. She passed out and he took care of her.

Turned out the woman the boyfriend was cheating with was the sister of a real bitch that Claire worked with. She came to Claire's apartment to pick up the purse her sister had left behind, and saw Cole there. She was jealous and went to a Tabloid and leaked the story that Claire was sleeping with Cole.

Of course that's just the cut and dried version, and a lot more happens, and of course the Happily Ever After.

After that, and feeling better in general, I figured I was ready for Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

This story came HIGHLY recommended, and was supposed to be along the lines of the Fifty Shades books, with the tortured, alpha Hero. Pffft. He was nothing more than a spoiled brat, throwing temper tantrums when he didn't get his way.

I really liked the story when I first began it, because I recognized it. I've written versions of this story myself.   And my stories are written as equally bad. Difference being, I know mine are bad and would be too embarrassed at publishing my ignorant scribblings.

I just can't for the life of me understand how this book garnered such high ratings and reviews.
Everyone likes a "Bad Boy", I get that, and Travis seems to start out that way, with the fighting, the tattoos, whoring around.  Then he meets Abby and I guess we have to assume he falls instantly head over heels in love with her.  It really seems more like he's just interested in 'bagging' her, another notch in his belt.
When she refuses to sleep with him, he likes being her friend and says he doesn't feel "like that" about her anymore.

The story is all over the place; it starts out to make us think Abby is a sweet little innocent from Kansas, and Travis's father is a drunk and his four older brothers abused him. Neither of which is true.
The best friend, America (Mare for short....neigh) starts out warning Travis off of Abby, then is disappointed when Travis and Abby don't hook up.
It makes no sense that Abby didn't want to room with her bestie in the dorms, nor why the roommate she gets is so hateful all the time.

Travis is a "bad boy" and everyone is scared shitless of him, but they aren't scared to tease and laugh at him. He beats the hell out of one guy in the college cafeteria, and later the same freaking idiot does it again and gets his ass kicked again.
It completely lost any semblance of credibility when we had to suffer through the entire rendition of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".
Not to even mention when Travis gets Abby's "name" tattoo'd on his wrist and she goes all melty. He got the name he called her - Pigeon - not HER name. How does she (we) know he doesn 't call every chick Pigeon? That wasn't at all sexy.

I had to go look up the Bio on this Author, and I'm still not sure I believe it. It says she's a mother of two, but I think it's really probably a 14 year old kid, and all those good reviews are her middle school classmates.
I just don't see an adult loving such a poorly written book.

I read The Thrill of the Chase by Lynda Chance because it said it had a Firefighter character.

From Amazon:

Product Description
Warning: Alpha-Males are everywhere!
Lynda Chance is happy to present to you her style of erotic romance with a happily-ever- after: Monogamous, heterosexual and hot!
Three roommates. Three men. Three impossible situations!
Ashley Weldon runs scared when Ryan McKay puts moves on her that are too hot to handle! The more he pushes, the more she pulls back.
While Ryan chases Ashley, his friend Gibson Jones is quietly stalking Ashley’s younger cousin, Julie.
Throw in a hot firefighter, protective girlfriend, some sexting and a Corvette or two, and you have Temptation in Texas, Houston Style!

Even though it warned about Alpha-Males, I was thinking it was talking about the *good* kind of Alpha-Male: smart, strong, brave, protective.
Wrong. It's more of those eff'ed-up psycho jealous and possessive types that seems to be all the new rage with writers these days.

The book is actually three stories, so each one had to kind of rush through some of the critical points that make an erotic-romance story: together, conflict, together, sex, HEA.

When the story starts, Ryan and Ashley met and have been dating for a few weeks, and Ryan is frustrated and pissed off because Ashley won't give it up.  She's afraid it's just "the thrill of the chase" and once she gives in, he'll move on to the next conquest.

I'm not against rough language in stories, but Ryan cusses at her and talks very harshly to her. Since we didn't get the initial connection between these two, that just didn't work for me, at all.

The second story is about Ryan's best friend, Gibson, and Ashley's younger cousin, Julie.
Gibson and Julie had met the same time Ryan and Ashley did, a few weeks before, and they exchanged numbers, but then she never heard from him again.
She sends him a text to let him know, so he can let Ryan know, that they are going to be at the bar that night.
Ryan tells Gibson to stay away from Julie so he won't eff it up between him and Ashley, so at the bar, Gibson dances with other women and doesn't even speak to Julie.

But then all of a sudden he corners her in the hallway, pins her up against the wall, raging and cussing at her. (I assume we, the readers, are supposed to recognize this as his sexual frustration, but I don't understand her standing there taking this from him). He tells her to stop texting him (she sent him the one text), and tells her it won't work between them because she couldn't handle the kind of man he is. She begs him to show her.

The last story is Kyle, the Firefighter, and Monica, Ashley's best friend since childhood.  Monica has been in love with Kyle for years, and turned out Kyle had been in love with her, too, but the three year age difference between them was just much back when she was 18 and he was 21.

Kyle wasn't at the rehearsal dinner the night before his sister Ashley's wedding because he was away fighting a four-alarm blaze on the East Side (of wherever they are in Texas).
He and Monica meet up at the wedding the next day, talk, dance, kiss, and then he's called away to fight a forest fire in Colorado for the next week.
They have a minor-ly hot sexting session, but then we get many pages of a flashback memory from their teenage years, when Monica fell off her bicycle and Kyle drove her to the hospital.

He finally shows up, they have sex, and The End.

There's an Epilogue of HEA's, and a bunch of babies. Ugh.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Even though it's been a pretty Spring-like Winter this year, I don't want to be fooled into putting the garden in too early and then be badly surprised by a late Winter cold snap.

But today was just so nice out there, I got the itch to get started.

I saw this idea a couple of months ago while Blog -hopping, to make my own seedling pots using old newspapers.

I cut the newspaper in half, and folded it into thirds.

Then I wrapped it around the soup can, and secured the edge with tape.

Next, fold up the bottom and secure with tape.

Slip the "pot" off the soup can.

Fill with soil (in our case, soil from our compost pile).

I haven't added seeds and water yet, because I'm not sure if it's still too early yet or not.

When I do get plants and get ready to put them in the ground, we'll just put the whole newspaper -pot and all in the ground, and not have to worry about tearing the plant from it's roots pulling it from the little plastic cups we usually do sprouting in.  We have lost a few plants in the past on account of that. The newspaper will bio-degrade, and make a good mulch in the meantime.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday Book Day

Late getting up my Wednesday Book post because I was caught up in reading one.

Whewww, the books I read this week have taken a toll on my emotions. Or, possibly, my emotions caused me to take the stories a little harder than I would normally have. At any rate, I am wrung out. I have got to find some fluff to read next time.

The first (3) books I read were the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James.

Used to when I picked books to read, I'd read their descriptions on the back cover or at a book site or somewhere, but here lately I've just been taking recommendations of others from book groups I belong to. So I didn't really know much about this series other than a couple of clues like "HOT!", "tortured hero", "BDSM".
BDSM isn't really my thing so I hesitate to read those stories, but everyone was like, Oh no, it's not like that, it's HOT! You'll like it.

So I started with book one, Fifty Shades of Grey, and I did NOT like it! I was like, are you kidding me? This is terrible. I would never recommend this to anyone!
But, for some reason, I couldn't stop reading it. I still don't know why.

The story goes, Anatasia Steele is a college student whose roommate, Kate, was supposed to interview business mogul Christian Grey for the school newspaper, but Kate got sick and convinced Ana to go do the interview in her place.
Ana is shy and nervous, and to Christian seems like a natural born Submissive, which is attractive to him and his Dominant lifestyle.

She leaves, but a few days later he turns up at the hardware store she works at pretending to have been in the area and needing to pick up some things for a DIY project. He agrees to do a photo shoot to go along with the interview piece.
After the photoshoot he asks her out for coffee. After coffee, he tells her he doesn't do "the girlfriend thing" and warns her off of him. She leaves feeling bereft and cries all the way back to school.

A week later, final exams are over and Ana, Kate, and their friends go to a bar to celebrate. She gets drunk, and while waiting in the bathroom line, decides to call Christian and ask him why he sent her a gift. He gets all bent out of shape and tracks her location by her cellphone and comes and gets her. She passes out and he takes her to his hotel to sleep it off.
The next day he tells her he's not a hearts and flowers kind of guy, and she should stay away from him, but he can't seem to stay away from her. She tells him, then don't. He says he won't touch her until she has his consent in writing.

That evening he flies them to his place in Seattle and has her sign a non-disclosure agreement, then shows her his Playroom and tells her he's a Dominant, and she'll be his Sub. He shows her where her room will be, where she'll sleep, because he doesn't sleep with anyone. He tells her they won't any other sort of relationship other than the Dom/sub thing, and shows her his written list of rules (written out in detail).

At this point I can't for the life of me understand why this 21-year-old virgin is not running for her life, why she's even considering this coldly conducted proposal. But okay, it's a book, it has to go somewhere, I guess.

But then he finds out she's a virgin, so he takes her to his bed and makes love to her. He tells her, though, he's not turning hearts and flowers, it's just a means to an end, they can start her training on the basics. (And she thinks, 'wishes do come true'.) Seriously???

We, the readers, can tell he really likes her, breaking his own rules and such, but he continues to tell her he wants the Dom/sub thing. She tells him she wants More. So he breaks down and proposes that if she'll agree to be submissive, they can try the More at other times.

Christian has all sorts of emotional/psychological issues that cause him to be controlling and possessive, have awful mood swings and that just isn't hot or sexy to me. And Ana is so young and innocent, and can't talk to her friend or Mom or any one about the kind of relationship he wants.

He spanks her, and she likes it, but doesn't think she should like it, so she cries. They make up, and he keeps trying to get her to be a sub, and she wants to except for the punishment part. He tells her he wants to hurt her, but not more than she can take, so she tells him to show her how bad it can be. He ends up getting carried away and hurts her, she doesn't like it, doesn't want it, but apparently they're not going to be able to get past his need for it, so she leaves him.

Book two, Fifty Shades Darker, starts out with Ana and Christian separated; Ana working and depressed, just trying to get through the days.  Then Christian emails and offers to take her to her friends' photo exhibition, and she accepts the invitation. First thing, he gets all bent and starts snapping at her about when she last ate because it looked like she'd lost weight. She laughs, and then it's all boo-hoo, smootchie-woochie.

They attend the exhibit, then he takes to eat (he is really hung up on eating because he was hungry once, when he was like, four years old). He tells her he wants her back, no rules, no punishment. But she still can't touch him.

We learn more about his childhood, his real mother (who he calls the crack whore). The older woman that introduced Christian to D/s (when he was 15) wants to be Ana's friend, but she wants nothing to do with the child molester. One of Christian's ex-subs shows up, gone looney. They learn she has gotten a concealed to carry permit and is sure she has gotten a gun, so Christian is worried about everyone's security.

Christian proposes marriage, but Ana still isn't sure she can be what Christian needs.

Ana's boss makes a pass at her and Christian beats him up and has him fired. The company gives Ana her boss's old job.

Ana goes out for drinks with her old college friends while Christian is off seeing to come business. Christian's brother calls to tell her Christian's helicopter has gone missing.
Eventually he shows up, telling them the copter had experienced some mechanical troubles but he managed to land him and his Assistant safely. They had to walk out and catch a ride. They had no phone signal, then their phone batteries died (right).
Ana accepts Christian's marriage proposal.

Christian's birthday party at his parents house is the next day, and there's a show down with his older woman, who was a friend of his (adoptive) mother's.

It ends with a cliffhanger involving Ana's old boss, Jack.

Book three, Fifty Shades Freed, begins after the wedding and while they're on their honeymoon.

A couple of weeks later, back at work, Ana has taken over her old boss's job.

Christian allows her to drive his car one day, and someone is following them, and they get into a car chase. Luckily she's a good driver and manages to lose the person.

Later, Christian has business in NY, and Ana plans to meet her friend for drinks. He asks her to stay in, and she agrees, but the friend talks her into going out anyway. When she gets home, she finds Jack has broken in the apartment and one of the security guards has taken him down. She tries to reach Christian but he doesn't answer so she decides to call the police.
Christian is furious, and they end up in the Playroom, where things go bad, and she 'safe words' him.
They talk and make up.
Later he takes her his place in Colorado, having invited his brother and sister and Ana's friend and her brother, because she said she didn't get to see her friends enough.

Between the wedding, honeymoon, this, that, and her father, her Assistant ended up putting off her doctor's appointments too long, and her birth control shot wore off.
She's pregnant and Christian goes ape.shit.
He leaves, and comes home a lot later, drunk. He passes out and while she undressing him, his phone falls out and she sees a text from his older woman. He'd gone to her.

They have a big, big fight that lasts a couple of days. She gets a call from what she thinks is Christian sister's phone, but turns out it's her old boss. He has Christian's sister, and he wants $5 million and Ana. Ana isn't to tell anyone, or else. So she has to sneak off from her security, and goes to the bank and tries to get the money.
The bank manager calls Christian, who thinks she's taking the money and leaving him. She can't tell him the truth, knowing how controlling he is, he'll try to take over and end up getting his sister killed, so she tells him yes, she's leaving. He tells her to take it all.

Luckily Ana is smart and comes up with a plan and Christian is able to find her.

And they live happily ever after.

If you can get though book one, book two gets better, and by the end of book three you feel like they're going to be okay and have a good life together.  It was worth the read in the end.

*Be aware, there is a lot of kinky fuckery (hot sex) in all the books.

The last book I read, today, was called How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo.
This was another one I started reading without an inking of what it was about. Truthfully, for some reason I have no idea of, I thought it was going to be a cutesy, comedy story. Boy, was I ever wrong!

The story starts with Eliza managing to corner her rock idol, Doug Blackman, for an interview.  She happens to end up on the same elevator with him, and starts crying and tells him how when she tried to kill herself when she was 16, it was his song that saved her.

The interview gets her a job with a big music magazine and she moves to New York where her brother and his wife lives. Her brother is in a band and is trying to hit it big, but he and his wife have a three-year-plan, and if by November the band hasn't been signed by a label, he has to quit and support her dream of going to college to become a lawyer.

Eliza moves into her brother's old room when he and his wife moved into their own place, and became the roommate of the band's lead singer, Paul.

Paul has an amazing voice, and is offered contracts with big name labels, but he refuses to sell out and abandon his band.  He doesn't tell them the labels want only him; but he ends up telling Eliza the truth.

He and Eliza end up falling in love. Big time. They are both very dramatic, extremely emotional people. He proposes and they become engaged.

Eliza uses her contacts at the magazine to help the band, and eventually they get a deal Paul can't pass up.

They go to a party at the record exec's house, and run into an old friend of Paul's, who happened to be Doug Blackman's son, Loring, although he went by Sam and Paul didn't know who he was until later.
Paul's band ends up touring as the opening act for Loring, and Loring ends up falling for Eliza.

Paul is having a hard time with the music "industry"; he's all about the music, and they're all about money. He's afraid of selling out, but wants to do better for Eliza. So he makes the record they want, and agrees to the tour they want.
But, Eliza refuses to go with him. She won't fly, since her parents were killed in an airplane crash, she's terrified of airplanes.  Even worse, she was out jogging the morning of Sept 11th and saw the place crash into the WTC.
Paul's manager comes to see her and tells her Paul is refusing to go on the tour, and she needs to do something. Loring was over at her and Paul's apartment (I can't remember why now), and she kisses Loring when she hears Paul coming up the stairs.

Paul is furious and kicks her out.
She goes home with Loring, and Paul gratefully accepts the tour, to get away from her.
Loring tells her it's too late for Paul to back out now, she needs to tell him the truth. So she goes to the apartment to tell him, only to discover a half naked woman he is obviously sleeping with.
She leaves without telling him the truth.

She stays with Loring, platonically, until she gets news that Paul has a girlfriend, then she sleeps with Loring, and they become a couple, although Loring knows she still loves Paul.

Loring planned a party for his father, Doug's, sixtieth birthday and asked Doug who he wanted to come and sing at the party. He listed Paul as one of the artists he wanted.
Paul came and sang Eliza's favorite Doug Blackman song, then one he wrote himself telling her how she tore him apart. She was going to find him to tell him the truth when Loring pulled her into a bathroom to break up with her. Paul walked in on them and she told him she wanted to talk to him, and he told her he wished she had died and that he'd never met her. She told him she was staying at her brother's and if he would to come see her.

Later the dog needed to go out and she opened the door, and saw Paul sitting out on the curb. She asked him to come inside, but instead of talking they make love.
When she wakes up, he's gone.  There's a knock at the door, and she expected it to be him back with breakfast, but it's Loring.  Then her brother and his wife shows up, and they break the news that Paul had committed suicide.

Ohhh gahhhhh, that killed me. I bawled even as I thought, no way, that can't happen. Then the manager shows up to tell the brother they'd found the body. Ohhh woooowwwww. wth? I can't deal with this kind of thing.
I cried and cried, and feel miserable because I hate to cry, but for some reason books that make me cry seem to be the best ones.

(*Spoiler* That's not the way the story ends)

At the same time I was reading this last story, I was watching a movie on tv, James Patterson's Sundays at Tiffany's. This was such a chick-flick I had a hard time believing a man wrote it, but now I see the book is billed as James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet, so my guess is maybe he edited it or something. Whatever. It was a totally cute story.

I missed the start of the movie, but when I picked it up, Jane is a little girl and has an imaginary friend named Micheal.  It's her birthday and her Mom takes her to Tiffanie's to buy her a special birthday present.

While there, Micheal breaks the news to Jane that he has to leave her, she no longer needs him, and tells her she'll forget him after he's gone.

Twenty years later, Jane is engaged to a handsome actor and is trying to plan her wedding, but can't seem to make decisions because everything has to be perfect. 

One day, Micheal comes back, and now he's a grown man. He approaches Jane and starts talking to her as though she knows him, but she doesn't recognize him. He tells her who he is, but she doesn't believe him, and thinks he's a crazy stalker.
He doesn't know why he's come back to her, and assumes she must need him. She insists she doesn't.

He follows her home and plans to sleep on a bench outside her apartment and she feels sorry for him and lets him come in and sleep on her couch. He ends up staying, and helps with things in her apartment, and helps her make decisions with her wedding.

In the meantime, we see she's not really happy with her finance', whose selfish and self-centered.

Jane and Micheal have fun, and play, and she starts to fall in love with him. Then he tells her he has to leave. She gets mad and tells him off and leaves.
He says "I'm dying." (Sooo sweeet.)

An old man comes along and tells him he's not dying; he asks why it hurts so bad then, and the old man tells him fairly pointedly, it just means he's human.

Michael goes to the elevator in Tiffanie's, where he apparently comes and goes from, and Jane goes to her wedding. She's walking down the isle with her groom and he mentions their ski-trip honeymoon, and she tells him she doesn't like to to ski. He says she never told him that, and she says yes I did, you didn't listen. He doesn't know her favorite or flowers. She leaves him at the alter and runs to Tiffanie's, but it's too late, Micheal is gone.

She goes outside and sags onto a bench, then Micheal comes out and tells her he couldn't go.

And they live happily ever after.