Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo A Day

Day 25: Something you made: I made Haffa cake.

We never eat a whole cake before half of it goes bad, so I started just making half-of-a cake so none gets wasted.

I also get such a kick out of people asking me how I make half a cake.
Originally I just thought to mess with my boys, whatta they know about baking and such. But then one time I posted a picture of a Haffa cake to my Facebook and my cousin, who's like 10 times smarter than me, asked me how in the world I made half a cake!  I loved it.
I told her, ancient Chinese secret.


MelisalovesCOUPONS said...

Thats such a great idea...My family does the same thing or they leave it open and it gets hard! grrrr

Melissa said...

Yep, it saves us a lot. I bake two layers as usual and just wrap one in foil and freeze it. I freeze the frosting, too.
It's like double the dessert from one mix.

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