Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work at Home Day

J was off today, and the grass - amazingly - didn't need mowing....well, technically it could use mowing, but since gas prices have gone up so ridiculously, we've been letting it get a little longer than usual before cutting it.
And R had a class this morning so wasn't home to help J with roofing the outdoor shed we're (they're) building. So he helped me with a project I'd been trying to get back to for awhile. The thing with me is, I'll get an idea for something, get started, then lose interest in it for awhile.
This project I started probably two years ago, maybe longer.

I have this fleece blanket with a really big Maltese cross symbol on it. One day I thought, I think I could trace that and make a big Maltese cross wall hanging or something.

I used pink tissue paper to do the tracing: tissue paper because it was mostly see-through; pink because it's what I had.

In some of our *Quest for Free*stuff, J had been given a bunch of sign making materials. This stuff is called waffle-board, he said, and is like plastic-corrugated-cardboard. I thought it would be good for transferring the patterns onto; sturdy, and easy to cut.
It didn't absorb the Sharpie very well and the lines and my hands ended up a mess. It also wasn't that easy to cut. I'd recommend using cardboard instead.

After I sliced off the tip of my finger, J said he thought it'd be better to cut the insignia with the scroll saw using wood instead.

Eh, they're kind of funky looking, but handmade with love stuff don't have to look perfect anyway, right.
We didn't cut out the letters "F I R E" or "R E S C U E" for the top and bottom panels; I'll either do it later, or maybe buy some already made from Hobby Lobby, or just paint them on.

After R got home, they worked on putting some more tin on the building roof. Still didn't get done; ran out of screws this time. It's always something.

I: worked on Maltese Cross project with J, unloaded the dishwasher, did dishes, washed/dried/folded/put away a load of whites, put the rest of my Pez collection out in the storage room, added some dirt to my Aloe plant and the rose bushes I'm trying to root, and watered the roses, blueberry bushes, and garden.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Return of Me

According to my Edit Posts list, I started this blog almost three years ago, in July '08.

July '08 was the same date I started working at Walmart, where I lasted for six months before I was ready to *retire* lol.
I made some posts at first, but eventually they became fewer and further between. And wayyy outdated.

While still working, I discovered Xtreme Qpon shopping, which I devoted most/all my time/energy/effort into after I quit WM. Searching the deals, collecting/clipping the coupons, doing the shopping, blogging about it...used up all of what little brain matter I have, leaving nothing really to be able to post here.

Recently I've slowed down doing the shopping, my interests turning more towards home-stuff again, giving me less to blog about on my Shopping Blog.
So, I thought I'd dig out some of my old blogs and start them up again.
Beginning with this one.

I wrote a bit of an introduction in an About Me page, leaving out the bad parts of course :-)
Check it out if you're interested.

Please leave a comment if you visit, even if it's just "Hi", otherwise I'm afraid I'll lose interest and abandon the Blog again if it seems like nobody's visiting.
If you have a blog or site, be sure to leave a link so I can check it out.