Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge

Where was I? Oh, right, Day 16: Morning

I can't seem to capture with my camera what I see with my eyes, but in the morning about 7am if you look out my kitchen windows you can see a small mountain to the left, and the sun rising to the right of it.
Just below the mountain is the new elementary school and I can see the headlights of the people leaving after dropping off their babies at school.

Day 17 was Water. I couldn't take any interesting water pictures, so here's a video of one of the downpours of rain we've been having a good bit of this month. 

(Check your Sound, Maybe loud)

Day 18: Something You Bought.
Only practically everything in this house. Or, I guess nothing, since it was actually J's money that bought it. But, you know, what's his is mine and all that.
I'll get back to you on this one.

Day 19: Sweet.
I dunno. Let me think on this one.

Day 20: Someone you love.
One? If I pick one, the others will think I don't love them.

Day 21: Reflection.
Maybe later.

Day 22: Your shoes.
How about my kick-ass cowgirl boots.

Day 23: Something old.
These ceramic praying hands were made by my Dad about 45 years ago.

Day 24: Guilty Pleasure
I have no guilty pleasure, because I don't feel guilty about my pleasure(s). If I want to eat ice cream for dinner, I do. If I want to look at Pr0n, I do. If I want to read a lot, I do! Life's hard enough without being able to enjoy some things, or feeling bad because of it.

How about just plain guilty.  Sometimes I feel guilty my desk is a mess. Cluttered. Like my house, but since I sit at my desk a lot and keep my back to the house, I can ignore it all but the desk.

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