Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Book Whoreding

I've been reading this week, but apparently I've been reading slow, or something? Anyway, I didn't get very much read. (It's entirely possible I read a whole nother book or two and forgot I did. It took me awhile to even recall that I had finished reading Legally Hot.)

I finished the other two stories in the Legally Hot anthology, Cheyenne McCray's “Deadly Dance” and Red Garnier's “Caught”.

They weren't that great for the same reason most novellas aren't that great, not enough room for the story. On second thought, I don't think more room would have done these stories any better.

"Deadly Dance" was about a professional ballerina whose abusive boyfriend beat her up and smashed her knee, putting her out of professional dancing, so she opened a dance studio. (Did I not just read this almost exact same premise in another book?)
Anyway, he ends up getting releasing from prison on a technicality. A detective whose partner was killed by this boyfriend (but it was never proven) goes to tell the ballerina that the guy is out of jail, and she's probably in danger. He asks her out before he leaves. She refuses at first, but then changes her mind.  Then she gets shot, so he takes her home with him.  Then we have very few pages to deal with the falling love while the bad guy schemes and then the rescue and then The End.

"Caught" was about identical twin brothers except one was smart and outgoing and friendly, and the other was a scary sociopath. The sociopath ended up slaughtering their parents because the 'good' brother went out with a girl they both liked.  The 'bad' brother breaks out of prison and impersonates the 'good' brother, still trying to get the girl. She can't tell them apart and shoots and nearly kills the one she's supposed to be in love with.

I'm still plugging along with Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series. I got started on Rock Chick Reckoning, though I'm still only in about the first or maybe second chapter.
I don't remember what number this book is, or how many there are to go. (Hopefully not many.)

This one is about another one of Nightingale Investigations' Hot Guys, Mace, and Stella, the lead singer and guitarist of a local band.  Mace and Stella had a history; Mace broke up with her a year ago saying she "needed him too much".  I haven't gotten far enough to find out what that's about yet.

The story is that a local bad guy, Sid (I think I recall him from the last, or a past book) has declared War on the Rock Chicks. For some reason this included one of the girl members of Stella's band, and Stella.
Stella had been a friend of Indy's before, but they hadn't been hanging out since Indy got together with Lee and associated so much with Nightingale Investigations and the Hot Guys. So I'm not sure why she was targeted, and especially not the girl band member.

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