Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo A Day, Day 13

In Your Bag ----

I carry a smallish purse with just my necessities in it like my wallet, sunglasses, keys, calculator, kid scissors (for coupon clipping), calculator, pen and notebook. Pretty boring.

I also tote a bag, sort of like a Big Kids version of the old diaper bag. My bag is a cinch sack backpack I got during our last cruise while we were in beautiful Cozumel, Meh-hee-co.

I'm not happy with my pictures for this Photo challenge. My pictures are all too literal, not artistic-y at all.
I have no artistry in my soul.
But how can I say that, when I feel like I want to create things?
I guess it's kind of like wanting to be able to dance, be witty and funny, write stories, decorate, be able to add, blog for money, and everything else I feel like I should be able do but continually fail at one thing after another.


Amber said...

Your second bag is definitely like my purse...I end up as a catch all for EVERYTHING.

I like Mexico too! We went there on our honeymoon and, well, stayed drunk on tequila practically the entire time. I'm not a big fan of tequila anymore...

I don't think creativity and artistry are mutually exclusive. You are a great deal more artistic than me as evidenced by your redo of your living room! I will readily admit to not having an eye for that sort of thing the way you obviously do. However, while I haven't an artistic bone in my body, I'm a sucky photographer and a crappy couponer toboot, I do believe I'm creative.

I think it's important to fail. I think it teaches us about ourselves and how to appreciate what we are really good at. You sound like you are really good at being there for your family and being what they need. Ultimately, that's all that matters, right? What we give to others?

You're awesome, Girlfriend!! Don't forget it!

Melissa said...

My purse used to be like that when the boys were young. It was nice when they got old enough to keep up with their own junk.

The other bag is years of lessons learned; seems like everytime we go somewhere, we'll end up needing something I have at home and wish I had brought with us.

I also carry another bag in my car I call my Aunt Flo bag.

Know what you mean about the Tequila. I'm like that with Vodka, too many Screwdrivers in my youth. Sometimes I can't even drink too strong OJ.

My livingroom, to me, is a glaring example of my lack of creative/artistic talent. Other people can look at a room and visualize colors and can arrange their stuff and it looks so nice.
I saw a picture in a magazine of blue walls with dark brown trim and liked it. The girl at Home Depot ended up having to pick our paint colors for us. Now I can't picture how brown trim will look, or if I need to paint my front/french/closet doors brown or another color or what.

I'm pretty sure I failed my kids, too.

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