Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to some (completely unnecessary) family drama, I almost canceled Thanksgiving this year.

In addition to the family drama, I didn't know if J and/or R would end up having to work.
Being a 25 year veteran fire wife, the work schedule rarely slows me down. Typically we'd carry on without J, or R even - as long as I knew there wasn't any chance of them being present, period.

But with R having started his new job with a non-emergency transport ambulance service, he's still doing training rides, whenever they schedule him in. Which he hadn't been finding out what days those would be until about the day before.
Even if he had to work Thanksgiving, no big deal, we're used to missing someone or another for work, but it's the no-set-schedule that stressed me.
Which is kind of a weird thing because their patients are dialysis patients, with appointments. 

He goes to work at 911, I know he's going to be there 12 hours.
He goes to work on the ambulance, he may be back in 4 hours, or 7, or who knows. Depends on how many patients had appointments that day, or how many cancelled, or whatever.
So he could have been gone all day, or he could have been home by lunchtime, and end up spending Thanksgiving at home alone if we'd gone out of town to my Aunt's.

I don't mind them having to work on a Holiday, but it freaks me out if I think they would end up spending a Holiday at home alone. (They probably would be fine, though.)

On top of that, my oldest said he and his fiancee weren't going to my Aunt's house. (Can't blame him, my Aunt treated him pretty harsh last year, calling him out and humiliating him in front of the family about his long-term lack of employment. There's a time and place, and that wasn't it.)

And then with the family drama, I said, That's it, stick a fork in me, I am done.
Stamp big, red CX'd over Thanksgiving, I'm skipping it.

Somehow, I'm still not entirely sure how happened, I may or may not have asked my oldest son if they had other plans, or if I were to decide to cook something, would they want to come up.

So, it may have only been me, them, and K, but I fixed Thanksgiving dinner.
Roasted a turkey, and made green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, potato salad, deviled eggs,  macaroni & cheese, cranberry sauce, biscuits, and I made a from-scratch pecan pie, using our own pecans. Yum!
(No, no dressing (stuffing), I don't know how to make it...which I could have looked up a recipe online like I did the pecan pie, but I didn't particularly care if we had it or not, and apparently no one else noticed it was missing. Their plates were full as it was.)

Turned out neither J or R had to work, so the whole (immediate) family was together, and we all sat at the new (not new) bigger kitchen table in the new (not new) kitchen.

Then there was the issue of Christmas Tree day. The day the six of us get together, generally approximately 12 days before Christmas give or take, and go to the Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree, then eat out, or come home and I cook something while they set up and decorate the tree, and snack on their favorite Christmas-time treats like white-chocolate-dipped-oreos, chocolate-covered-pretzels, chocolate-oatmeal-peanut-butter-no-bake-cookies, rice krispy treats, etc.

When I sat down with my calendar 3, 4 months ago and entered J and R's work schedules so I could plan days for us to go on outings and such, December 6th was the ONLY day they had off together that R wouldn't be sleeping from having worked the night before, until Dec 20th. Which would be way too late to bother with putting up a tree.

J texted me about two weeks ago to ask what was on the calendar for Dec. 6th and I said, Christmas tree day, so whatever it is, NO. (Someone wanted to swap a shift.)

Now R comes in and tells me the next days he's scheduled to work on the ambulance are Dec. 2nd and maybe the 6th.
I said, Did you tell them that's Christmas Tree Day?!?!?!?!".

Ummmm....noooo, Moooom.

Of course not. It's only his second week on the job. They're being very good to let him work his training around his days when he has to work nights at 911 (he's putting in his 2-weeks at 911 when he gets released from training), I wouldn't really have expected him to tell them he had something better to do.

I just had to adapt, and figure out something else.

The something else was, I had picked up a fake tree from Freecycle earlier in the year, Spring or Summer, can't recall exactly. 

I had planned to fix it up (the people said the lights didn't work and they didn't want to mess with them) and pass it along to someone else.
But I hadn't messed with it, and it was sitting in it's container out on the front porch, so I had the boys drag it in, set it up, and see how awful it was.

Turned out, it wasn't awful at all.
Some of it's lights didn't work, but we just left those unplugged and added our own lights.

I had no plans to put up a Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, so I hadn't gotten any of the Christmas ornaments or decor down from the attic. I went up and grabbed one tub of stuff, so it still needs some added to it....And the top isn't stout enough to hold my lighted Star, which made me sad, but I remembered I had this Angel I had made in Vacation Bible School about (ticking on fingers) 19, 20 years ago maybe.

So, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas tree day all in one, and it was good! 

Good food, laughter, getting along. I don't know why everyone can't be like that.
It's way better to just enjoy yourself than to always be looking for offense, or getting butthurt over stupid shit. 

(I started my Christmas shopping a little while ago, and have had gifts piling up in the corner of my room. Then the huge box with J's snake boots came today and I didn't have room to stash those, so I just wrapped them and all the other gifts I already had and stuck them under the tree.

This is so crazy! I've never had a tree up before about the second week of December, much less before December 1st, much less Thanksgiving, not to mention gifts wrapped and put under it!

I feel like I've accelerated time, it's way later than it is, and I'm way behind on cleaning away the Fall decor and putting out the Christmas decor!)

I think the moral of the story is: Relax. Everything will be ohh-kay.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rag Balls

Despite these past couple of days being record cold temps, I've perked up a bit and got rid of (most of) the grumps. 

Usually when it's cold I don't like to do anything but sit in my chair next to my heater with my kindle and stay warm. But I've actually been up doing things this week, I was even out sweeping the carport and moving some things out to, and around on the carport and back porch today. Weird!

I was also deciding on whether to keep or get rid of some things around here.

One of the things was this old 80's-looking bed skirt that I acquired in a batch of hand-me-alongs at some time or another.

It wasn't in good shape. The hem was torn out so the edges were mostly frayed.

There was a tear between the skirt and the....uhh, not sure what the other part is called.

I could have hemmed it and sewed the tear back together, but I wouldn't have used it, and I don't know anyone that would have used it.

So, I decided to turn it into Rag Balls.

I cut/tore the flowery skirt part from the thin white, muslin? material. The thin, white material reminds me of an old fashioned under garment of some sort, chemise?

I ended up with a long, approx 12 inch wide strip of fabric.

Starting at one end, I cut about an inch or so, then started tearing the rest of the way with my hands to the other end, stopping about a half inch from the end, so I didn't tear the strip completely off.

At the other end, I went over about an inch and cut another notch, then tore that strip all the way back down to the other end, but stopping before I tore the strip off.

When done, I ended up with a long strip of fabric about an inch wide. No clue how long....but really long.

Which I rolled up into balls while catching up on DVR's epiodes of Sons of Anarchy.

Guess I'll list them on Etsy and forget about them, and maybe one day I'll be surprised like I was when my other ones sold.

Otherwise, maybe I'll hang on to them for use as ropes and bandages during the zombie apocalypse.

Haha! joking, but seriously, I realized they could be used like twine to tie up tomato plants to stakes or any other instance you might use twine or a thinner rope, you could use fabric yarn. It's pretty darn sturdy.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Still Whiny

Still cold, and now grumpy on account of there's things that have ended up in the livingroom over the past year that needs to go, but there's no place for it to go.

And, I had big plans to decorate my whole new diningroom for Christmas, not just the mantel, but we don't have a diningroom for me to decorate because...
A whole list of reasons.
- I can't get rid of the electric stove until I can get my gas oven door seal replaced,
- Can't (or more like, don't really want to) move the big fridge until we get the new kitchen flooring done,
- Haven't worked on the new kitchen floor, because...
- We may or may not need to have someone come and jack up and level the front of the house.
- I still haven't sorted through all the boxes of books stacked in the (future) diningroom floor,
- I don't want to get rid of, but don't know what to do with my parents' old console stereo that is currently living in the (future) diningroom. There's no room for it in the livingroom, and it's too heavy to move upstairs.

I had a big plan to clean out half of the storage room off the carport and make it into a Hunting/Sports closet/area/room for all J's hunting and fishing gear. Saw some neat ideas on Pinterest.
It's another, "I can't do this until I do that" fail.

In the meantime, the hunting gear lives in the storm shelter...the closet under the stairs. So at the moment, J has everything dragged out and spread all around in the livingroom.

My birthday is tomorrow.
(And my 25th wedding anniversary, although I don't really *celebrate* that anymore.)
So my Aunt calls me up to ask me what I have planned for my birthday.
Nothing, because J and R has to work, and even if they didn't, probably still nothing.
I invited her up and told her I'd cook some homemade chicken & dumplins, or lasagna.

Instead, she wants me to come to her house, and says she'll cook chili for me.

Here's the thing.
I like staying at home.
I don't like eating.

I'm not a foodie, I don't really like food too much, and mostly eat to survive.
Of the foods I do like, chicken & dumplins would be near or at the top of the list.

Lasagna is okay, but mostly it's a sentimental thing. Mom used to only ever cook lasagna for our birthdays. It was The Birthday Meal. Never any other time of the year.

So, it's MY birthday, but I have to leave my house, to go eat chili, which I eat about twice a week anyway because it's quick and easy to fix, and I tend to fix a lot of anything that's quick and easy.

Grump, grump, grump, grump.

Okay, well, here's a thing.

I belong to a local Auction house group on Facebook. The lady posts things for auction about twice a week.
Mostly I don't play because - hello, don't need more stuff - and also it seems like there are people on there who just have to win. They bid on so many things, surely they don't really want it all. But they come along near the end of the auction and outbid everyone by 50¢.

Anyway. So the other night the auctions were coming to an end, and there were several items that didn't have any bids. I thought, "that's kindly odd, surely that's worth at least a dollar" about some of the items.
There was a brown metal folding chair with a folding desk thing - the chair alone was worth more than a dollar - and a pretty large group of Stuff: Christmas ornaments, a toy stove, some books, baskets...I can't remember what all.  A lamp, and a grill, I can't remember what else. There were a few things.

I thought, maybe the things just needed moved back to the top so they could be seen. So I bid on some things...things I thought were worth at least a dollar, in case I was wrong and ended up stuck with the things. There was still some other stuff that I didn't want to risk ended up having to buy.

Sure enough, most everything I bid on, I quickly got outbid on.
Except this grill.

It was listed as a Vortex Charcoal grill.
Nothing else, size or anything. It looked like J's small tabletop charcoal grill.

When the auction ended and no one outbid me, I was like, "ohhhh noooo, what did I dooo?". What did the others know, that I didn't know? Obviously there's something wrong, that no one thought a grill was worth any more than a dollar.

I went back and looked at the picture and thought I knew what was the problem, it didn't look to have a lid.
Ah well, I said to myself, J's always tossing out grills because the bottoms burn/rust out and get holes eventually, but the lids are always in good shape. We'll just keep this one and when the tabletop grill we already own goes bad, he can use the lid with this one.

Since he was in the area anyway, and had a couple of hours between leaving the firehouse and needing to be at the ambulance station, I texted and asked him to go by and pay for/pick up the grill.

He called me later and was all, It was only a dollar? It's a nice grill! Brand new!
I was like, did it have a lid?
He said, Yeah it has a lid!

The lid was upside down inside the grill, with the feet and handles - and, um, other stuff, as I was to discover - inside, the racks on top, and taped all together with packaging tape.

I took it apart to check it out, and found out it's really a gas grill, not a charcoal grill!

And bonus! Auction winners that showed up first thing the next morning, with cash, to pick up their item got a goody bag.

It had some chocolate balls, and some awesome Christmas knick-knacks: a ceramic Santa boot, metal/glass angel, and a (porcelain/china/glass?) bell marked "JAPAN", saying "With love at Christmas". 

Okay. I'm getting up from here and going to do something, even if it's just one thing.
Something is better than nothing.
Sitting here whining and complaining sure isn't getting anything done.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello? Complaint Department?

I'm cold. Whiny-azz cold. I live in Georgia, not Whizconsin...please turn the heat back up.

I used to say, Well, this chilly weather is okay, it puts me in the Christmas spirit.
I take it back. I don't feel the Christmas spirit, all I feel is cold. And whiny.

I was so cold earlier I was tongue-tied and said, "it's 38 disease out here". 
And my brain is frozen.
I needed to make an appointment with Kev's foot doctor (Podiatrist), Dr. LaPointe.  But I got all messed up and called him "Dr. LaFoote". Argh!

(Yes, I know it's colder Up North. Everyone has my permission to be whiny, too.)
(Except Floridians. They should be thanking the stars.)

I just discovered the small hole in the corner of the pocket of the jeans I've been wearing all day has turned into a large hole.
Good thing I'm wearing fleece leggings under them so I didn't moon people.
But dang, I don't have that many pair of jeans that are comfortable and I like.

I'm put out with the Mall. It's not Christmas decorated enough.

Where are the door wreaths? The garland? Ribbons, bows, giant ornaments? Streetlamp swag?

Oh, there's one wreath. Woo. Hoo. Hope they didn't put their selves out too much hanging all that wreath. My bad, all maybe 6 wreaths all the way around the place.

Food court. Anyone taking a lunch break from all that Holiday shopping?
Holiday? I don't think there's a Holiday here?

Oh, wait, look real hard, someone went to a lot  of trouble setting out a couple of Poinsettias.

Really, Mall Management?

Maybe I'm wrong, but, if I own a Mall, and I want to lease my spaces to businesses, seems like I need to do my part to help get customers (shoppers) in to the place, and especially at this time of the year, in the mood to spend $$$$$$ in my customers (the lessees) stores, so that they (my lessees) can survive and be able to pay the rent. No?

Lame Lane.

 To be fair, they have a Visit Santa box, (even if it is the same Santa box they've had for the past I don't remember how many years)

And a stage with some gift wrapped presents. In the past, kid groups, school choirs, I guess, have sang Christmas Carols here.
Back when the Mall was better. More inviting. Had a lovely fountain, a carousel, nice Christmas decorations. Even a Mall gift-wrap place.

But I want to see Malls more like this:

And this,

And this,

And all of these.

I went to look in My Pictures for the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga we visited a couple years ago....pretty sure it was just, like, the year before last.

I couldn't find the pictures! Nor of the Enchanted Garden Lights at Rock City we visited at the same time!
Freaking out! Where are my pictures? Had I lost them between changing computers?!

Turns out, it wasn't the year before last when we made a family Christmas trip to Hamilton Mall/Rock City....
It was five freaking years ago!

Five! Years! That's absolutely crazy. I remember it like it was recent.
Five years ago, Kev was still only in 10th grade in school. He's been graduated for...a long time now.

Time, flying by so fast, stahp it!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Things

A bit later this year, but I made my annual batch of Apple Pie Moonshine this week.

Speaking of apples, I finally got started on some of the ones Mom brought me last week.

I believe these are McIntosh apples, but I could be wrong. 

Cut and peeled the apples. All the leavings went into a jar to start a batch of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Cubed apples into the crock pot to make homemade Apple Butter.

We got a couple of home projects done this week, or maybe only this one. I think we started another one and didn't finish because...I can't remember why.

Anyway, we put this door in (what will eventually be) the diningroom.

It's probably unconventional, and it covers my loverly shelf-between-the-studs cabinet, but I just really wanted the door there.

Now with the door in the kitchen, and this one, if the electricity were to go out during this "extra cold winter" they're predicting, I can shut the house down to the kitchen (with a gas stove), the livingroom (with a gas fireplace and sleeper sofa), my bedroom and the bathroom.

We'll stay warm and cozy, be able to cook (except I still need to get my oven door seal fixed), and sleep comfortably.

Hopefully it won't get bad enough that we lose electricity for any amount of time - we'd all probably go totally bonkers without our electronics at this point - but I feel better being prepared just in case.

And then on Friday we left to go spend the weekend up at my parents' place in the mountains. 

J and R did some hunting, and J and me did some looking around/shopping in town.
Found some thermals and fleece leggings, 12 pr socks, and (I forget if anything else) at the Everything's $5.00 store.

We visited the "Always Christmas" shop. It's been there for years, but I'll only go in it around November/December.

The store is gorgeous, I love all the Christmas decor and stuff, but I prefer to keep Christmas limited to a certain time of the year.
Like I tell the kids, if we had Christmas everyday, it wouldn't be as special. It would just  be like any other day of the week.

(Just when you thought I couldn't take any worse pictures:)

They have huge displays of all kinds of Christmas villages. I'm such a sucker for Christmas villages!
(But not the prices, plus I have no place to display a village, so as much as I love them, the only kind of village I own are the Putz/Glitter house,  house, churches, camper, Nativity I've been making lately.)

They had lots and lots of beautiful and interesting and other Nativity sets. (Too bad you can't see how nice and loverly they really are.)

Omg, remember the 50¢ Scrabble games I found at a thrift store awhile back, I was wanting the letters out of to make craft projects?

Maybe I should card mine up and sell them for $8.00 a piece!? Say whaaaa? 

We had a nice weekend. It was good to get away for a few days, and then come back. I love going on a get-away, but I just as much love coming back home.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

$10 Amazon Credit When You Buy $45 in Gift Cards

Update: Deal expired 11/15

If you have Amazon Prime (paid or trial) , and have never bought Amazon Gift Cards before, you can purchase $45 or more in gift cards and get a FREE $10 credit to use on your next Amazon purchase.

Amazon gift cards make a great gift.

A lot of people are like me, and buy what they want, when they want it.
As a result, I pretty much already have everything I want. Until the next thing I want comes along.

Gift cards are so great because I can hold onto it until the next thing I want comes along.
This way, someone isn't wasting their time and money buying me something I don't really want just to have something to give me at Christmas.

Even if you don't want to give gift cards for gifts, if you're like me/us, you might do a lot of shopping for yourself and/or your family on Amazon. (We have orders coming in at least a couple of times a week!)

If you know you'll be spending at least $45.00 again in the future, go ahead and buy the amount in gift cards and get a free $10.00 in addition!

So you get $55.00 worth, for the price of $45.00.
Who can't use a free $10.00!?

Go here to learn more. 

Free PEZ Elf and Santa Gift Card at Target

Target has available the Elf and Santa Pez gift card. You can add as little as $5.00, or as much as you want up to $1,000.00, and Shipping is FREE. Got mine in the mail today.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


Hope everyone had a nice Halloween.

Mine was nice, but what others might say was boring. Other than decorating, and our outing a couple of weeks ago that included a trip to Ruby Fall's Haunted Caverns, we don't really do much else for the day.

The weather was pretty nice earlier in the day.
I got out and went to Walgreens and Kroger for some sale items. Walgreens had their ziplock freezer bags for 99¢ each, and at Kroger I got Oscar Meyer hot dogs for $1.00 each, Bar S bologna for 89¢, loafa bread for 99¢ each, 2 ltr A&W, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite for 88¢ each, half gallon chocolate milk for 99¢ each, 12 pack vanilla coke, cherry coke, and orange soda for $2.00 each.

I like to stock up on things I know I'll be buying anyway when it's on sale.

I had this corn on the cob from the free food give away last week in the fridge, I finally got around to shucking, bagging, and freezing it.

I also found, while I was climbing around trying to run an extension cord, a napkin covered in tomato seeds I put on on top of the fridge to dry out and had forgot about.

I pulled the seeds off the napkin and packaged them in foil, then put it in a printable seed envelope and stored it in a fridge drawer for next Spring.

Later in the evening the weather started turning rougher.

We got a pretty good rain shower, despite the news saying "Leave your umbrella at home on Halloween", and then the wind picked up big time.
I was sitting here at one point and heard some loud thumps as something(s) hit the house.

Just sticks/branches, I guess. Didn't see anything damaged out there today.

The weather agency issued a Freeze Watch and a chance of *s*n*o*w* flurries for us overnight.
Facebook friends and family reported sleet and flurries nearby, but I don't know if it ever did anything here, I didn't go outside to look.
At any rate, there wasn't any sort of accumulation.

I think J said it was 43* this morning as he got ready for work.

Tonight we're under an actual Freeze Warning, and temps are supposed to drop to or near Freezing. Tomorrow night is supposed to be even colder, dropping into the 20's.

I know, not as cold as some, but as one blogger I follow posted, "40's in (the South) is equivalent to 50 below anywhere else!". 
Haaah, that is so true.

I stayed in my bed under my electric blankey until about noon-time.
But then I just got up and moved to my chair next to my electric heater.
I read on my Kindle a lot of the day.

I did get some dishes washed/put away in the afternoon. I wasn't expecting to do that, so that was a bonus for my day as far as I'm concerned.

What I did expect to do today, was to go through the boxes of children's books and decide what to do with them, and take down the Halloween decor.

I didn't do so well on the books. I did start, and got one box ready to go.
It was hard. I kept wanting to keep most of them. I'd put them on the Keep pile, then move them to the Give pile, then Keep, then Give. Ugh.
Because, books. And, my boys' books. 
I made it through 2 boxes and gave myself a break.
Unfortunately, those 2 boxes I managed to get through were the easy ones.

I did make my goal of getting Halloween put away.
I left the Jack-O-Lanterns out, turning them into pumpkins/squash, as part of some Fall decor.

I don't have much in the way of Fall decor, a grapevine wreath that says "Happy Autumn" and a leaf-print throw blanket.
I left the bare sticks in the vase, the old window, the Fall'ish painting, and added some plants in stoneware (milk pitchers), a small night-light type lamp, and a couple of Dollar Tree Thanksgiving  figurines (that had actually been in the Donate pile).