Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo A Day, Day 15/16

Yesterday's Photo A Day challenge was "Happiness".

Given my long line of inherited melancholy (as my Mom puts it) and plain ol' shitty disposition (from my Dad's side), happiness is a fairly elusive thing for me.  On the rare occasions I feel happiness, I'm suspicious and wary of it.  The world never allows you to be happy for very long, so I know when things are going good and I'm happy, there's only one way to go from there - down.

But I'm okay finding happiness in little ways, and one of those things for me is Breyers Chocolate ice cream with cut up bananas.  Sooo goooood.

Today's Photo challenge was "Morning", but since it's a holiday, I didn't see morning today.

I pretty much kept my eyes closed while kicking J out of bed to go to work, then I slept in a few more hours, then I lounged in my nice warm bed reading for awhile. When I finally rolled out, it was no longer morning.

I spent the rest of the day stripping all the beds and washing all the covers: sheets, blankets, comforters, spreads, and Lysol'ing matttresses and pillows and the livingroom furniture and all the rooms, continuing the attempt to kill whatever this funk is we keep passing around between each other.

J ended up at his doctor last Friday getting prescriptions for a sinus infection, which seemed to have little effect on it. K came down with it again, like the third or fourth time since Thanksgiving, on Wednesday.
I'm not sick like they are/were but I've been having a lot of trouble with sneezing/snotty/runny nose. I don't dare attempt to work on my de-cluttering project while I'm halfway to sick. Usually it'll set my allergies off and I'll take an allergy pill and that'll fix me up.  But I'm afraid of what'll happen if I set my allergies off on top of these problems I'm already having.
Well, I know what'll happen, same thing that happened last time, I got really sick. I hate being sick.


Amber said...

Ooo, chocolate icecream and bananas - I've never thought about trying that. Sounds divine!

Trina said...

Looks yummy. I understand! I did the same thing this weekend!! I mean really, who still gets scarlet fever???

Trina said...

FEEL BETTER!!! Hope this plague passes soon!

Melissa said...

It is yum, yum!

Thanks, Trina, hope you guys feel better, too.

I haven't heard of anyone getting Scarlet fever in a long time.
Seems like I recall it having something to do with strep? I may be remembering wrong, though.

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