Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo A Day, Day 11

Where you sleep...

This is my side of the bed, always by the wall. Is a man thing for a guy to think he has to sleep closer to the door?

I just got those pretty blue-grey 1200 count Egyptian Cotton sheets for Christmas. I have a white comforter I bought a few years ago to put on the bed, but never have yet because I don't want it to get ruined. Dumb, huh.

On my little bedside table I have (2) telephones: a cordless one with dead batteries, and an older - I forget what these were called - phone with the ringer turned off.  Only people that calls me on the home phone is Telemarketers. I just keep basic service for internet and in case I have to call 911. I can call 911 from my cell, but if I call from this phone my address will pop up on their screen, in case I can't tell them. And anyway, I don't think I've met anyone yet that knows how to spell "Sycamore".

Then there's (3) remotes: tv, satellite, and VCR/DVD-R combo. My radio-alarm-clock, touch-lamp, box of kleenex with my Kindle Fire on top of it.

Underneath is where the good stuff is: a mason jar filled with Hershey kisses and my "dirty" books and magazines.
And then there's my Pistol, laying on top of some boxes of Thermacare menstrual heating pads.

I spend a lot of time in my comfy little corner even when I'm not sleeping.

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