Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Book Whoreding

Could someone remind me why I'm still reading Lora Leigh?

I couldn't wait for Legally Hot to come out, for Lora's story, which is the next story after "Cooper's Fall" in the Real Men Last All Night anthology.

"Sheila's Passion" started out with some weird prologue talking about a King who married for love instead of tradition, and betrayed his town, except it wasn't him, it was his son, and...I don't know what in the world. Jist of it was, the son fled and took on a new identity and someone is looking for him for revenge.

The who-ever-is-looking for this son, thinks Nick Casey is him. So the who-ever starts terrorizing his girlfriend.

His girlfriend is Sheila. Or rather at this point she's his bed buddy. It's really confusing. She wants him to commit without her having to tell him what she wants. Thing is, he is committed, but he wants her to know that without him having to tell her. WTH?

I'm only about halfway through the story, struggling to keep going. About the only good thing I can really say about it is, the Sex is hot! Whew!

Aw, man, I waited for Whispers in the Dark, and then I didn't like it.

It started out pretty good, I guess. Nathan was trapped in some enemy camp, being tortured for information. He was just about to give up and wish for death when Shea, who is telepathic, heard him. She is also able to take someone's pain away, so she took Nathan's pain and helped him feel better so he could try to tell her where he was at. She emailed his brothers to let them know where to find him.

Turns out Shea, and her sister Grace, were lab-created experiments, and whatever secret Government agency wanted them back after two of the scientists ran away with them years before. They were always on the run, and after Shea got Nathan rescued she left his mind to be able to concentrate on saving herself. But then she was captured and escaped and "called" for Nathan to help her.

He rescues her and his brothers come to help and they all return to the KGI compound.
After I don't know how many pages of Nathan and his family swearing Shea will be safe and protected, she is taken practically right out of Nathan's arms, right off the family's compound.  Come on, seriously?

The sex scenes dragged on foooorrrrreeevvverrrrr and weren't all that hot. Or maybe they were but I couldn't keep my attention focused long enough to stick with it to find the hot part.
And then - Bam! - the story ended, abruptly and suddenly. After Shea was rescued again, she was in some sort living-trance. Then one day Sam's baby girl nearly falls down the deck steps. Shea snaps out out of it and rescues her and then she wants to go see Nathan's house again (the same one she had just been kidnapped from, leading her to be traumatized to the point of trance-hood, btw.) The End.

I think I'm just tired of this series.

Rock Chick Revenge is book 5 of the series, and had a good premise, but fell short on the follow through.

Ava used be fat and four-eyed and had a crush on Luke since she was 8 years old.
Luke didn't get a long with his father, and left home and joined some secret organization, we might guess as an assassin.
The next time she sees Luke it's years later at his father's funeral. He hugs her and says he'll call her. Later she hears her hateful sisters making fun of gorgeous Luke hugging fatty-four-eyed Ava. So Ava doesn't answer his calls, and works to lose weight and gets contacts and fixes herself up.

Everything kinda goes awry from there. But there's funny parts, and sexy parts, and overall I guess I liked it. (Probably made a lot better by the two I read afterwards.)

I opened The Heart of Christmas to see if it had downloaded correctly, and ended up reading Mary Balogh's novella, "Handful of Gold".

It's a Historical Romance, which is generally my favorite genre (Not that you could tell it lately.)

I can't recall the heroine of the story's name now, but she's working as a dancer in a theater to earn money for her sick sister's medical bills.  Back then, of course, theater people were considered loose and many Lords wanted to set her up as their Mistress.

Julian was one of them. She refused him until her sister needed more medical care, then she accepted his proposal of one week in the country over Christmas for 500 pounds.

They had a nice week, fell in love, parted ways, found each other again, happily ever after.

Is it the books, or my attitude this week?


Amber said...

I love happy endings. I don't read books that don't have those.....then they are too much like real life!

Historical fiction is my favorite genre too, though I'm not huge on the romance part.

Hope you're having an awesome week, Melissa!

Melissa said...

I won't (knowingly) read a book without a happy/good ending, either.

I sued to read Horror, but then one time I got desperate for something to read and had to read a Historical romance and I loved it!
I'm a sucker for a love story.
And I love the way fiction men love their women.

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