Friday, January 13, 2012

Joyful Noise

"Joyful Noise", in theaters today, is just one of the many movies/series that has been (or is being) filmed here in "New Hollywood" lately.

My oldest son is in this one, as an extra in one of the crowds of audiences.

So is one of my old school chums, and a bunch of other people I'm aquainted with here and there. My old school friend has been an extra is a lot of movies and tv shows over the past year or so, and has finally scored some Paid Extra parts. She was invited to a Cast Party before Christmas. Exciting stuff!


Amber said...

How much fun! Lots of things are filmed in Charleston as well. I've never taken advantage of being an extra, myself, but I know lots of people who have - especially since Army Wives is filmed here.

Have a great weekend!

Trina said...

I was an extra in Major League when I was a kid. Even got to rush on to the field. It was sooo much fun. And of course, I found myself on the big screen. Well, tried anyway.

Melissa said...

How fun, Trina!
I wish I knew about this extras thing when my kids were smaller. I think I'd have made a lot better Stage Mom than a Sports Mom, lol.

I'm trying to convince the other two boys to try it, for fun if nothing else.

I've thought about it, Amber, but I'm not too good with crowds, especially when everyone in the crowd is there for the same thing.

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