Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not much going today, just hanging around waiting for storms:

I've got "Steak tips" in the crockpot (stew meat I found on mark-down at Food Lion yesterday) for steak tips and rice for dinner. Smelling go-o-o-od.

Southern Plate
My sister sent me a picture of my new little neice or nephew; hard to believe it's still no bigger than a fig.

The last baby she had was like 13 or 14 years ago (I know, I'm terrible, I can't remember how old my neices and nephews are), back then we didn't get sonograms until like the 5th month or so.  She already had one prior to this one, back at Christmas, when it was about the size of a grain of rice I think they said.
It's not due until late July/early August. I think this is probably going to be the longest pregnancy in the history of the world.

J brought me home a stack of papers today called a "Confidential Information Packet". Nice name for "funeral plans".
Starts out benign enough, asking for Emergency Contacts. Pretty much every form asks that.
Then it asks which, if any, Department Members you would like to accompany the Notification Team. Then it goes on to ask what funeral home, cemetary, who do you want to deliver the eulogy, favorite songs, poems, scripture. etc.
Open or closed casket? Well, that kids of depends if he looks like a toasted marshmellow or not, doesn't it? (I know, I know, bad joke, sorry.)
I still don't know who to ask to be pallbearers.

But if we don't think about all this now, I might have to think about it in a much worse situation and that would be bad.

Today's Photo A Day Challenge is Colour.
There is no color, except on the weather radar.  It's dark in here. Snuggle under a blanket and read kind of day.

I'm reading Restless Heart by Emma Lang.  The cover sucked me in as I was thumbing through my Kindle looking for something to read.

It's a slightly erotic romance set back in the late 1800's after the Civil War. Sam is a half-breed, home from the War with injuries, trying to earn a living and take care of his father who is losing his faculties.

Angeline was raised a Mormon and ordered by her father to be the third wife of an old church elder, who abused her and his other wives. She and one of the other wives ran away and are trying to stay hid from the husband.

Sam and Angeline fall in love, but she believes she can't marry him because she's already married. He tells her the law doesn't allow a man to have more than one wives so she's not legally married. But her husband has already sent one bounty hunter to find her and Lettie, and she's afraid Sam will get caught in her troubles and get killed.

It's an okay book, not bad, but not that exciting, either.

There was a prior book called Ruthless Heart I might go back and read later to find out what happened to Angeline's sister.

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