Saturday, June 25, 2011


Soooo, who says you need a week to pack? I got my bikini and the booze...what else do you need, I ask ya??

Ready to head off for a week of no, I mean, a week at the beach.

FYI, this is *one* reason why I like cruises better than most any other vacation. For about the same amount, maybe even a little cheaper, as two rooms at this hotel, we could book two cabins on a cruise ship.
However, all the food and entertainment is free on the cruise ship, AND you get a ride to visit exotic, foreign ports.

At a hotel at the beach, you get the room. That's it.
Okay, and the beach, but compared to a Caribbean beach...jeez, there is no comparing.

Anyway, since we have to buy all our food all week, and drive around to whatever tourist traps we might visit, we can only afford one room. So that means sharing with the boys.

Ah well.

I'm still trying to figure what's going to happen this week. Or, not happen.
If you read my Post at my Travel Blog, then you know we hadn't originally planned a trip to SC, but to Florida.
For some reason or other, we were led to SC instead.

Question is, were we led to SC for a reason? Or were we simply led away from Florida?
Is something going to happen in SC? Or would something have happened if we'd gone to Florida?

The thing I'm thinking about is that we were led there by that race car driving experience scam thing.
If it didn't have anything to do with the reason we needed to be in SC - or not in Florida - then why was it cancelled? Would it have made a difference if we went ahead and did it, if we were just weren't supposed to be in Florida?  And even if we were supposed to be in SC, still what does it matter if we did the driving experience?

The only thing I can figure is that we needed to be in Charleston/Folly Beach on Sunday or earlier on Monday. With the race car driving thing, we wouldn't have arrived in Folly Beach until Monday evening sometime.
As it is we're not arriving until Sunday evening, so whatever big cosmic event that might be happening will happen Sunday evening or Monday morning/afternoon, I guess.

I hope it's nothing bad. I hate when bad stuff happens.
But what else would it be?  The race car driving experience thing and the rest of the trip would have been a good thing in of itself, no help needed.
Besides, not much good things happen to/for us.  It's always a good thing when nothing bad happens. And we're happy with that.

It could end up one of those things where we, or one of us, is simply supposed to be in a certain spot at a certain time to cause something to happen in a future event, or even someone else's event altogether.
The latter would be a pain because then I might never know the ending of the story.
I really don't feel like we would have been sent so far off our path for one instant of time needed to change someone else's fate unless we, or one of us, would play more into it, and would eventually know the end of the story.

Oh well. Here's to Life's Adventures.


Fire Wife said...

I hear ya. I've never done a cruise, but we did an all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon for the same reason. By the time you factor in hotel, activities, food, etc., the price is about the same.

Melissa said...

You're right.
We haven't done an all-inclusive, though lots of people reccommend them. I don't know much about them, and am not real comfortable with trying things I don't know about. We didn't go on our first cruise until my parents and sister's family went,too.

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