Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dixie Hwy. Yard Sale: Day 2

Got up early and headed out to shop the Dixie Hwy. Yard Sales with J and R today.

It was pretty bad, for miles and miles and miles, there would be yard sales on the sides of the road with a sign at the end of the driveway, whatever.
Then at one place, starting wayyyy before you got there, they had gone out and put up poster-sized-signs saying like "Slow Down - Yard Sale Ahead", and advertising like cold drinks, antiques, furniture, and so on. There were about a dozen big, white, poster-board signs along the side of the road; you couldn't miss that there was a yard sale ahead.
But guess where the wreck happened?

Don't know what happened, but from the look of it, someone was driving through there too fast. There was too much damage for a 35 mph fender-bender, and they flew one out in the helicopter.

We sat in traffic for a good while, then me and R left J with the car and walked on up to the yard sale. J joined us when traffic got moving again.

R and J checking out Guy Junk

Me, checking out Old Junk

Fishing pole jackpot!

At one yard sale I found this Written Test for the position of Fireman for the City of New York, dated May 26, 1956.
Since R took his test yesterday, he wanted it so he could read it and see how different the tests were  in 1956 from his.  I got it for $1.00.

Our finds today:
For me, I was excited to find a retractable clothesline. I used to have one, but put it somewhere and haven't seen it since. I like hanging clothes out on my backporch sometimes, and the old phone-line-wire I have strung up out there now just ain't that pretty.
I also found an aluminum canning funnel and a jar grabber to grab jars out of the boiling water when I'm doing canning.

Got the Fire Dept test for R, and he also found an old metal ice cream scoop and a camping mess kit. 

J found himself some sheets for his bed at the station, a hanging shop light, a tool belt, and a retracable water hose.

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