Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Dishwasher!

Sears delivered my new dishwasher yesterday, so today we spent installing it!
          They don't include any kind of connectors or fittings or tubing with them anymore, but we had most of what we needed from the old dishwasher. The only thing we couldn't make work was the old copper waterline, so we had to go buy a new flexi-line dishwasher connector thing.

Uninstalling the (approx) 34 year old Kitchen Aid.

Installing the new Bosch. Hope it lasts 30+ years!

Still have some trimwork to do, but it looks great!

My stove and fridge are still white appliances, but I didn't care, I was *not* getting a white dishwasher. White looks nice and crisp and clean, but it stains so easy and after several years just starts looking dingy and blah. 
Whoever lives here next can get a stainless fridge and stove if they want it.

Tomorrow - Monday again. Haven't been running/riding in three days...going to die, again.

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