Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visited The Firehouse

R wanted his Dad to tell him about pumping a fire engine, so we made a visit to the firehouse today and I took the opportunity to take some pictures. 

I had been wanting to take some new pics, but just didn't make the effort. They wished I hadn't made the effort today, since it was 90*+ today and I made them bundle up in their bunker gear.
You never heard such complaining!

What kinda FIREmen can't take a little heat, I ask ya? lol

Here's J explaining some engine pumping stuff to R and C: (R's scratching his head like, What? lol)

J in his BRT:

J in his gear:

J and R; dad and son:

Me and J:

The Station's Garden: (Should say, "B" Shift's garden.)
The tomato plants:


Squash, Okra, watermelon, peppers:


Fire Wife said...

LOL, FireMan has yet to agree to put on his bunker gear for pics, so consider yourself blessed! Ha!

Melissa said...

lol, the thing is, J's blessed with a bit of an ego. He doesn't have any problem with having his picture taken, and will take his own picture when he can.
He just griped this day because it was so hot, but invited me to come do it again when it cools off, LOL.

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