Thursday, June 02, 2011

Take Care of Business-TypeStuff Day

I call these kind of days my *Business days*, when I have to take care of business I put off as long as I possibly can.

First off, I took some kitchen scraps out to the composter and pork chop bones to the feral cats and threw some old bread to the birds, did dishes, washed/dried/folded/put away a load of laundry, sorted all the old/outgrown clothes from K's dressers, and packed up some more items to yard sale, all in effort to avoid having to get started on my business work.

Eventually I just had to put my butt in my chair and get busy.

First thing I had to fill new FAFSA forms for the boys' financial aid for college. Every year thing, but years go so fast, seems like I have to keep doing them.

Then it was bill-paying time.  $2k to $400 in 8 clicks. Goodbye moo-lah.

Then I did some online shopping I'd been planning to do for awhile and kept putting off. Got a decent deal, though, after all the coupons/discounts/etc.
If you're interested you can read about it and see what I got at my Shopper Blog.

Lastly I needed to change a reservation. And ended up making a reservation.
Last year a deal came across for a Nascar driving experience, and I bought it for R for Christmas. I had to make a reservation for him to go, and picked June 20, when he would be between semesters at school. He had also mentioned wanting to go down to watch the last launch of the Atlantis Shuttle on June 28th, so I told J to put in for vacation starting the 20th and going thru like July 2nd.

Turned out, June 20th is apparently a popular vacation week for some reason, and he wasn't able to get two of the shifts he requested off.  So I have to reschedule the Nascar thing.
Then, come to find out, they pushed the date of the Space Shuttle launch to July 8th, which we won't be able to go because R starts back to school before then.
It looked like we would be having a Staycation, or else driving down to Florida to Staycation at my sister's house.

Today I went to do the reschedule for the Nascar thing, and none of the other dates are any good for us, either.
I was getting to the point of thinking, okay, obviously this Nascar thing just isn't meant to be or something. What's with all the roadblocks?
Before I went and outright cancelled the whole thing, I decided to check the other Tracks where they offer it at, and found the Track at Greenville, SC had the dates we needed available. I mapquested and found out Greenville is only just over a 3 hour drive from here, not much further than we were going to have to drive to start with.

As I was looking at the map, I saw a road leading from Greenville, almost straight to Charleston. We've never been to Charleston, so it seemed like a good place to think about going. Mapped it, and it's only like a 3.5 drive from Greenville.
Better yet, it's on the Coast, which means there are Beaches.

The Atlantic side beaches aren't my favorite, but hey, I'll take what I can get.
I checked out Tripadvisor and did some searching, but all trails led right back to one hotel - the only hotel - at Folly Beach.
All the rooms are Oceanfront with balconies. My favorite!!

I was figuring the rooms of the only hotel in the town would be up around $300-$400 or even more a night (I had checked some private condo and cottage rentals and they were running up around $2k and more a week), so I was pleasantly surprised to find a rate of $239/nt, and they have a deal going on this month where you get a $50.00 pre-paid gas card. So, about $1k with tax for a week...well, a short week, Mon - Fri, but it's still a good deal. We've paid that for an oceanfront room in a beachtown with *alot* of hotels competing with each other.

It's just funny how, looking back, everything that happened seems to have been leading us to taking a trip to Charleston/Folly Beach.

But after a really great, productive day, J gave me some really bad news :-(

R.I.P. C
May 15, 1987 - June 1, 2011

C's Dad was a Volly at the station J started out at, so J knew C before he was born and has watched him grow up his whole life. C was an EMT working at a local ambulance service, and wanted to be a Firefighter one day.
So, so very sad :-(

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