Saturday, July 02, 2011

I'm Hoooome

from Folly Beach and Charleston, SC.

Vacation is like giving birth...give me a little bit to forget about the pain, and then ask me how the trip went.

Even then I think this one will probably rate pretty dang low on the list of my favorite vacations.
I'm not entirely sure if it was the vacation itself that was so awful, or ME. 

Anyway, nothing really apparent happened the first couple of days. We made it to the hotel safely, didn't encounter anyone out of the ordinary (store clerks, hotel clerks, bellhop, other tourists). The next day we did the tourist thing as usual.
So, I still dunno what was so all-fired important for us to have to go to Folly Beach SC, and be there at whatever certain time.

If you're interested in (a glossed-over version of) the trip, you can visit my Family Travel Blog where I'll be working on posting about the trip today, and add more pictures.

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