Friday, June 03, 2011

First of all, a BIG congratulations to R for doing a FANTASTIC job passing his NPQ Practicals today!!
He's pretty sure he passed the Written exam, too, but we won't know for a few days.

Of the six guys that went to take the tests, only R and one other boy passed the Practicals part of it. If they passed the written exam, they'll be NPQ-1 Firefighters.

They did the testing along with the current Rookie class of J's dept, so R did his dad real proud today.

What I did with my day, my Aunt and her friend came up about 7:30 this morning, and we headed out to shop the Dixie Highway 90 mile Yard Sale.

There were alot of yard sales. We probably only actually made 10 of the 90 miles, but it felt like alot longer.  It got *hot* fast; up in the 90's by lunchtime.

There was alot of stuff for sale; mostly baby stuff, home decor doo-dads, and over-priced *collectibles* and antiques. Since I have been working lately to cleaning all that same kind of crap out of my house, I wasn't buying anymore of it.

Aunt and K checking out little girl clothes.

I had mentioned earlier that I had meant to stop at the Dollar Tree the other day to buy a shower curtain liner but forgot, so at one place K pointed out there was a shower curtain, with a good liner, better than the cheap POS at the Dollar store, and even the hangers.  I thought I had some hangers/hooks at home already, but couldn't remember if I still had them or had already gotten rid of them.

I said, "I wonder how much they want, because I don't wanna pay more than $5.00".
So we asked and the lady said $2.00, and I was all over that. Great deal!

At another place I found R a pair of Hollister cargo shorts for .25 cents. YaY!

But then at another one I paid $1.00 for a Chicken candy dish. I bought it for my Mom, but afterwards I thought, "she needs more junk to sit around and collect dust about as much as I do". Which is to say, not at all. Oh well.
Hollister shorts, Chicken candy dish, Shower Curtain/liner/hangers

Since J and R couldn't go with us this morning, we're going again tomorrow morning.

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