Monday, June 06, 2011

Running Practice

Our youngest son, K, always loved to run. He never walked when he could run, and he ran fast. His Little League knick-name was "Johnny Rocket". 

So when he was headed into high school three years ago, and heard an announcement about joining the Cross-Country Running team, that seemed right up his alley.

Well, turned out he probably should have run Track instead of XC - he's fast, but not so much enduring - but Track season is the same time as Soccer, and he prefers Soccer overall, so, he stuck with XC running anyway. It's good excersize and keeps his legs strong for Soccer.

XC practice started this week. We get up and go to the park at 8am every morning except Sunday, and they are expected to run 39 miles a week. Whew!

Stretching out before running.

I think he was speeding! :-)

Water break

The bicycle in the background is mine. Ohhh maaaaan. I haven't ridden since last summer, and I felt every bit of it today. My legs were screaming "WTF R U DOING??"  I hope it doesn't take too long to build my endurance back up...or I don't die first.

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