Saturday, June 18, 2011


My own life bored me this week, so I figured it would be a major snooze fest for any visitor's I may (or may not) have.

I did a couple of shops last week, nothing really exciting, which I posted at my Shopper Blog.

All work on our outside shop building has come to a screeching halt - again.
J came in from work Wednesday morning pretty much right off an early morning call, so he went to bed for a couple of hours. I don't recall what went on after he got up, but he ended up driving me shopping that evening.

He worked Thursday and Friday, so when he came in today I had planned for them to work on that roof. He has today and tomorrow off, which should have been enough time to get it finished so we can move on to something else.
But then he mentioned seeing a sale paper at work that the salvage store in Carrollton had gotten in some items from a hardware and sporting goods store that had gotten minor water damage, and also there was a big sale going on at the Sporting goods store next door to the salvage store.
Because I didn't want to hear, "I bet I could have found a good deal on that at that sale" for the next forty-eleven months, and because it's Father's Day weekend, I said "Let's go check it out!".

Fire boots

Fishing poles

Big boxes of red fire extinguishers.

We didn't buy a darned thing. Ate at Waffle House and came home.

At home we worked in the garden a little bit, until it started lightning.
We've been getting some storms and rain for the past couple of days. The garden has absolutely loved the rain and has grown, grown!  Every tomato plant has tomatoes on it.  I started gathering my jars and canning supplies together yesterday because when all those 'maters turn, it's going to be all at once and I won't have time to mess around.

The cukes perked back up and are growing and producing:

My cabbage is finally getting a Head, but looks like something is eating it:

Croaker garden decor:

*Artistic* shot:

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Cynthia said...

Ahhh...a woman after my own heart. You're a fireman's wife, who writes and is growing her own food in her garden?!?! Yeah, we definitely need to get together some time. When is there going to be that Fireman's Wife Training offered at the National Fire Academy so we can hang out and "learn new stuff" for a week?

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