Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

R had a doctor's appointment for a physical/check-up this morning, so I decided while I had him in the car with me, and we were up there anyway, to check out the Goodwill store and see if we could find him some 'new' clothes.

The poor child hasn't had any new clothes since sometime before he graduated high school three years ago. He hasn't grown any since then, and wore uniforms to college for about two years, so didn't really need any. But lately his four pair of jeans have gotten so ratty and holey.
I tried to tell him that was the style these days, but he wouldn't go for it, lol.

I love shopping for clothing at Thrift stores. Clothing prices are *outrageous* at the Mall, and Walmart clothes last maybe a year before they start falling apart. But at thrift stores you can find perfectly good, name brand clothing for alot less.
We found Levi's for $6.96 each; Aeropastale, American Eagle, and Calvin Klein shirts for $4.94 each; and a pair of cargo shorts and three pair of athletic shorts for $3.93 each. We also got another pair of cargo shorts that had been "red-tagged" and were 50% off, so were less than $2.00. All in really good condition.

Altogether I spent about $60.00 on his stuff, on what was probably easily a couple hundred dollars worth new in the stores.

Otherwise, I'm kinda ambivalent regarding my purchases.

I found an expandable shower curtain rod for $4.94. About six dollars cheaper than a new one at Walmart, but I was really hoping to come across one in our *Quest for Free*.  But I was afraid that not only wouldn't I ever get one for free, but I wouldn't be able to find one for such a cheap price, either.
Now, you watch, I'll find one for a couple bucks or free next week, lol.

Then there was the Minnetonka moccasins for $2.92. Last thing I needed was another pair of shoes, but I just loved these with the Native American beading.

I have a pair of moccasins like these:
only a lighter brown, that I've had since 1985. I bought them at a flea market, don't remember what I paid for them, but they were worth every penny, and still are. I've worn the heck out of those things, and they still have alot of life left in them; no rips or holes or seams coming apart.

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