Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Playing With Dolls Again

So what happened was, yesterday was the last day to be able to collect Fall Foliage Collector Bills at Swagbucks. I just needed one more to get the 15 Swagbuck Bonus, so last night I was searching, searching, searching.

At this point I can't recall what I started out searching, but before it was over, I had earned my last Collector Bill and 15 Swagbuck Bonus, purchased a vintage Barbie Barbie Wind-Up Mixer from Amazon, and had bids on (2) Barbies - Fire Fighter Barbie and Pilot Barbie - on ebay. (I won them both, by the way.)

Not real sure how, but I ended up looking at dollhouse/Barbie diorama ideas again.

I made an attempt at creating my own Barbie diorama Christmas before last, and it was so-so. I can't remember why I didn't get it out last Christmas.

Anyhoo. Over the Summer when I had gone to visit my Sister, she gave me a Surprise Bag filled with Barbie stuff.  Her occupation these days is a Re-seller - buying stuff cheap to re-sell for profit - and she had gotten a hold of a lot of Barbie stuff and knew I would want them.

I was working yesterday some more on sorting through stuff/getting rid of stuff and had seen the bag of Barbies on my stack of craft stuff, so I decided to get it out today and see what kind of Treasures were in it.

These Barbies, I'm pretty sure, are newer than my personal Barbie collection from the 70's - 80's. 90's? 2000's?

There was a Sea World Barbie playset.

I don't know *who* any of these Barbies are.

Nor these.

Snow White is the only one I know of these.

Shoes with no matches, boo hoo.

A purple braid, pink hair pick, Tiara/Crown, Hair brushes, a mirror, ipod, ? Ken boots I think?

Laptops, maybe a pink towel, a green frog loofa, a pink polka dot no idea what it is, what looks to be a pink surgical mask.

If anyone knows the ID of any of these dolls, let me know, it'd be really helpful.

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