Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saving at Kmart, Part 2

I am such a hairbrain. It's a wonder I've survived this long, honestly.

So, somehow, I figured out I ended up with 2 Shop Your Way rewards accounts. I don't know, apparently I was using my Kmart Rewards card at Kmart, but had signed up for an account online when I shop at Sears?

Anyway, when I was at Kmart yesterday, the cashier said I had 11,920 points, and some of my points must have expired (overnight).
I didn't think that sounded right so I logged online today to see if I could see my account, and imagine my surprise when I still had 13,000 points - expiring today!

Once I figured out that I had 2 freaking accounts, I had to get to Kmart to spend my $13.00 before they disappeared.

I went to a different Kmart, and they didn't have any big clearance deals at all. Just some regular sales, but nothing great.

I took Ryan with me today, and was looking around for something to buy. He was like, just buy candy. LOL. That's what Kevin said yesterday. Like we don't have 10 pounds of candy at home already.

I ended up buying toilet paper, because we will always need toilet paper.
I also found a set of fishing bobber salt and pepper shakers to give my Mom and/or Dad for Christmas. They decorate their Florida home in fishing/nautical theme.
Then I had about $1.50 left to spend, so I bought the boys a pack each of their favorite candybars, on sale for 88¢ each.

I got these fishing bobber salt & pepper shakers to give to my Mom/Dad but I told Ryan I'd probably end up with them back again because my family seems to think I collect salt & pepper shakers.
I do have a collection of them, but not because I purposely started collecting salt and pepper shakers. I was collecting old and/or usual things and happened to end up with several sets of shakers. It snowballed from there.
Exact same thing happened with my Coke collection. All I was doing was collecting some bottles and cans I thought might be collectible one day, and boom, suddenly I have cups and magnets and thermometers and even a bedding set.

Today's out of pocket cash cost for 24 rolls of tp, a Christmas gift, and 2 packs of candy was a whopping 28¢.

I also was able to put an Inversion table on Lay-a-way. It was on sale for $129.99.

In today's email I got a coupon for get $10.00 in points when I spend $50.00. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use it on a Lay-a-way item, but the cashier scanned it and said it accepted.

I'm not sure how that will work out with the get $10.00 in points when you complete a Lay-a-way contract, if I will get a total of $20.00 in points, or if one will cancel out the other.

Reckon I'll find out in a few weeks.

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