Friday, October 25, 2013

Creepy Altered Doll

Remember the other day when I said I had a ton of unfinished projects because sometimes I can't take the next step for fear of messing up? This project was one of them.

(I apologize in advance for the pictures, I tried to get Ryan up to take pics for me but he was busy sleeping.)

I picked this doll up at a yard sale about a month or so ago for 40¢ with the intention of turning it into a Creepy Altered Doll (or Zombie Baby Doll).

First thing I did was spray paint it black. With regular spray paint, not spray paint for plastic. It stayed sticky and never really dried.
I was aggravated and ready to throw it away right then, but I went ahead and painted the face white with acrylic craft paint (53¢ each at Walmart). It was streaky, but didn't really matter in this instance, and it did dry.
I found it a little outfit at a thrift store (Free) that covers most the body, then also painted the hands and feet white.

Then I put it down and left it because, so far, things had gone along well (enough), and I didn't know what I wanted to do next, and that next step might be the one that ruined the whole project.

Before you say it, I know, it's painted. If I messed up, all I had to do re-paint and start over. I told myself that.
I also told myself, all the time I spent looking at pictures of other people's creepy altered dolls on the internet that this is my project, not trying to replicate someone else's doll, there's not any creepy altered doll *rulz* I had to follow, it didn't have to look a certain specific way or else someone would tell me, "You did that wrong".

Oh well.
Anyway, I decided that today was going to be the day. I was going to make this doll. I'd either do okay, or throw it away - it wouldn't be the first time - but it wasn't going to keep laying there looking at me all weird.

I know I wanted to give it eyebrows. I was going for crazy (evilly-insane), but I think I ended up with angry.

I decided I wanted to put a stitched or stapled scar on her face (ya, I know, I'm not very original).  I was going to use some hair elastics, or black yarn, but I thought, "Hm, I wonder if my staple gun would work on a doll face?"

Then I decided I wanted to give it some teeth. I had saw a lot of dolls with "vampire fangs", I didn't really want to make it a vampire, but I thought about the fangs - the tip ends of toothpicks would work as fangs....or a maybe a mouthful of scary, razor sharp teeth.

I tried hot-gluing the "teeth" to the mouth as it was but it didn't work too well. I used a sharp knife to cut a slit between the lips, then pushed the bottom lip back, giving the top lip a Ledge for the "teeth" to attach to.

I used hot glue for the "cut" on the face/eye. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped annnnnd....I'm at quitting point again. I don't know what else to do. Afraid of overkill. Don't know what to do with the hair.

Closer up detail.

Before/After. Not as scary/gory as I'd hoped, but different anyway.

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