Sunday, October 06, 2013

Barbie Couch Attempt

or Sofa, whatever your preffers.

I've seen several ideas for a Barbie couch on Pinterest, using foam or cardboard or whatever, but then I saw one made of regular kitchen sponges and the idea finally clicked.

I found a package of 10 sponges at Dollar Tree, and the material was part of the lot I got for free from Freecycle.
I chose that material for the couch because it was a heavy stripe and just seemed like a good couch covering.

I cut one sponge in half longways for the base of the couch, and another one for the arms. I cut another one in half sideways to raise up the back some.
I rolled some of the material to make the rounded arm rests. They're attached with packaging tape here, but later I hot glued them.

I wrapped the cushions like I wrap birthday or Christmas presents.

Not a too terrible turnout for my first attempt, I don't think. I probably should have matched the cushions with the bottom and back better.
The front coverings of the arm rests I traced and cut out of a cardboard fruit snack box, then covered with the material. Obviously I need more practice on this part.

The Barbie looks almost too big for the couch in this picture, but actually it's a very good size for the dolls.

She says it's comfy to stretch out on.

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