Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kmart, Part 3

I no sooner got my Points spent last week, than I got another email telling me I had $6.00 more worth of Points to spend.

As I was poking around in my Account, it seems they've sent me a lot of these Free Points (Money) and I've been...overlooking? them, or something. There's like $17.00 worth of Free Points (Money) that went unspent.

It's really not like me to overlook Free Money. The email Subject line said "Melissa, you have FREE $6 in Points expiring...."
"FREE $6" would have definitely caught my attention when I was deleting junk emails, so I'm thinking, for some reason, they weren't getting to me before.

I don't know what changed, but Yay for Free Money. I went online and ordered a 12-roll pack of Northern Quilted TP at $5.99, and will pick it up at the Store later (I may or may not make it up there tomorrow) for Free (no shipping cost).


Prudent Wisdom said...

OK I am not really a Kmart shopper but....you may be convincing me to rethink this?

Melissa said...

Dana, I'm not usually a Kmart shopper either, but if a store gives me free money, I'm gonna spend it, lol.

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