Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Me and Ryan Went to Town

today to check out a couple of our local thrift stores.

He was hungry and I hadn't yet visited a newer business in town called "The Rock Ice Cream Shop", so we went in.

It wasn't anything special. The decor looked....what's the word I'm looking for, contrived? I don't know. Anyway, it wasn't that unique. I was expecting, I don't know, something different.

The food wasn't great. Probably frozen, and expensive.

That said, it's a good addition to Town and I'm glad it's there. I hope it lives long and prospers.

It was a lovely early Fall day, blue skies, low humidity, in the 70's. We parked and walked around downtown. I guess they have flag banners out in support of America during the Government shut down.

I was so disappointed visiting one of my usual thrift stores in town. I could tell before we even walked in the door that something was different. Off. I asked Ryan if they did something different to the place. He didn't know, and I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was.

Inside was the same. It looked the same, but different.
Eventually I realized that used to, someone had some kind of awesome skill to take all the thrift items and make them look good. And the front windows were always decorated so neat, to make you want to buy the things and think it would look that good in your house.

Now, it looks like a bunch of junk set around here and there. The front windows look like a place they threw garbage. I didn't like it. Didn't like the vibe of the place anymore.

But, I did get lucky. I happened to dig around in a pile of stuff and came up with a magnet-hook that I had been looking for, and it only cost a dime (plus 1¢ tax, so does that mean they are no longer a non-profit organization, and are for profit now?).

I found the babydoll outfit at another thrift store and when I asked the price, the lady told me I could just have it.  For free. I asked her was she sure, because I was willing to pay a quarter or so. Nope, I could just have it.  Kind of strange, because it's not like I go in there often, the place is a dump, even for a thrift store, and she looks up items on ebay and puts "antique store" prices on them, which irritates me. That stuff belongs in an antique store, where I don't expect to find a good deal. Not a thrift store, where I expect to find stuff cheap.

But hey, I don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and I was terribly appreciative of her generosity. I will have to do something nice in return. Maybe I'll start donating my de-hoarded stuff to her, since apparently the management and possibly their purpose has changed at the other thrift store, where I used to do all my donating to.

The two nuts and the washer I found on the ground in a parking lot.
I see random things on the ground all the time, and generally just kick them aside or ignore them altogether. I decided I'd start picking things up. I have a lot of empty jars and containers, I'll just keep the things in and who knows maybe something will come in handy one day, or maybe they'll be useful for an art or craft project.
I see ideas on Pinterest all the time, people make the neatest things out of just random bits and old hardware and pieces and doo-dads.

This is what I wanted the magnet-hook for. I have a steel door with plastic "window dividers", neither of which I wanted to try putting a nail into.

They have over-the-hook wreath hangers, but I saw this idea of hanging a wreath from a ribbon from an upside down hook. I think the original idea was a wreath on the front of a kitchen cabinet door, with the ribbon going over and hanging from an upside down Command hook inside.

I tried sticking a Command hook to some sheet magnet, which might still have worked if I had hot glued it, but I didn't, and it fell off, so I left it worry about later.

Hmmm, I think I need to shorten my twine a bit.

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