Thursday, October 20, 2011


Honestly, it really wasn't my fault that I started alot of projects and didn't get much done...everything I got started, I ended up having to stop and wait.

I started out trying out an idea for a Christmas tree Diorama ornament.

In my Stash-of-Stuff, I had these plastic ornament balls that open up for putting stuff inside, or decorating inside, I guess, since that's my plan. At first I thought I needed some metallic spray paint, but before I went and bought any I decided I'd try what I had on hand first, since I have a bottle of metallic red acrylic craft paint.

First, though, I painted the inside of one of the halves with black acrylic paint as a primer.

The black also seems to have a glittery/metallic sheen to it, I didn't know it had. I'm glad it came out looking like that, because - if it works out right - that is what the outside backside of the ornament is going to look like.

I have no idea what it's going to do, or look like, when I paint over the black paint inside with the red. Hopefully it will be bright and shiny and pretty!

But I won't know anything until it dries, so I wanted to let it sit overnight to make sure it dries very good.

I messed around some with my Stash-of-Stuff, looking for little miniature things to put inside the ornament to make some kind of scene.  No doubt anyone else could have put together five or ten different cute and creative scenes. Me? Not a thing.

Also, I did get the livingroom wall I'm working on Kilz'ed (primered) today. Also letting it cure overnight, and had big plans to paint the color tomorrow!
But now not until I have to go out and buy a paint roller thing; the pad part, that you paint the paint on with. I thought I could get one at the Dollar Tree, but they had everything for painting except that one thing!

They also had exactly NO Christmas miniature items. I don't know if it's just our store, being out here in the country, maybe they don't have as large a stock as other, more City stores, but I know I have bought little miniature ornaments and decor items at Dollar Tree before.
Of course they won't have any when I'm actually looking for them, rather than just on-the-spur shopping.

While I was google'ing around checking out Christmas ideas, dioramas and such, I came across another cute, neat idea! Play scale miniatures.  Play scale is 1:6 size, or the size of Barbie type dolls. Apparently now they make much nicer furniture and accessories for your Barbie's and Ken's and Joe's than the pink plastic stuff. People make some very nice dioramas with the dolls and stuff.
I saw one I especially liked, of a Christmas diorama with Ken and Barbie in the livingroom of their apartment the creator made for them using a shelving system from Ikea. What caught my attention was the 12" silver aluminum Christmas tree, which I have one of! (Which I got at Dollar Tree last year or the year before, and didn't see a single one there today.)

I love my little aluminum tree because it brings back memories of when I was a kid in the 70's and we had one of those trees.  I thought, well how neat to set it up this year with my old Barbie dolls sitting with it!

My poor Barbies :-(

I got married the first time when I was 17. Thought I was all grown up and ready for adult life.  I was so grown up, when I moved out of my parents house and in with my husband, my Barbie dolls went with me.
They've been with me every since; packed away in storage buildings and attics.
They were out in the storage building off the carport, where we piled a bunch of stuff when we moved here 12 years ago, and that's where they lived until, I think it was last summer, or the summer before, when I made a project of cleaning out the storage room, getting rid of ALOT of stuff I hadn't seen or used or needed in a dozen years.  Then I moved them in here, to the storage room upstairs, which, as I've mentioned, I just recently cleaned out. So they were upstairs stacked in the unused bedroom with a bunch of other stuff I've yet to figure out what I'm going to do with.

I don't think plastic was invented back then, but at any rate, cardboard boxes were free so I always used those for packing up stuff.  Boxes don't withstand much, and even less when a mouse or squirrel or whatever critter gets into it and takes up residence.  So some things were unfortuneately damaged, and everything was/is filthy. Whew! I was just glad there wasn't any dead animal bones left behind.

What's left of the Collection
I don't remember this set; outdoor adventure of some sort. There's also tent
in the bag that I didn't get out. 
The Baby
Plastic and inflatable furniture
Clothes. Has roller skates but no other shoes.
Barbies, and Ken. I didn't care much for boy dolls, so this is the only one I ever had.
More Barbies
Ken is an amputee, having lost his arm during his wilder, younger years.
One Saturday afternoon he jumped off the balcony and lost his arm. I don't know why
he jumped off the balcony - it was the 80's, he was probably high on Coke.
Dial-tone Princess phone, lol
So Amputee Ken picked a wife, and they went to the Spa and got cleaned up best
as they could, shampoo'ed and conditioner'ed.  They're hanging out tonight at the
nudie beach, drying out. 

I also checked at the Dollar Tree for some Barbie clothes. They had some doll clothes, nothing great, but at least they were clean so I grabbed a couple of outfits just to have for the meantime. Nothing for Ken, and no shoes for either one, though.

Guess while I'm out looking for a paint roller thing tomorrow I'll stop into the thrifts stores and see if I can find any cheap Barbie clothes and accessories.

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