Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saving at Kmart

So I took my Shop Your Way points to Kmart to see what I could get.

I was also planning to put an Inversion Table on sale for $129.99 on lay-a-way, but got the news that my closest local Kmart is shutting it's doors and wasn't doing lay-a-ways. I'll have to go to the next nearest store sometime this week, I reckon.

What I found was a pretty good clothing clearance sale. Already clearanced clothes were marked an additional 70% off.

My youngest son was shopping with me yesterday and he doesn't like shopping at.all. He said we should buy a couple bags of candy and go.
But I like getting more for my money, and 70% off already clearanced clothes - with Christmas bearing down on us fast - was the way to do it.

(I'd also heard there was a fantastic toy sale, an additional 50% off, but I didn't see that at my Kmart.)

These Basic Editions Men's sleep shorts were originally priced $9.99, marked down to $6.99, I got them for $2.09. For my oldest son.

For my oldest son's fiance', a pair of denim Capri's with Margarita glasses, originally priced $19.99, I got for $4.19.
And a Basic white short-sleeve shirt originally priced $6.98, my price $1.04.
Yes, it's a Summery outfit, but people need Summer-time clothes, too, not just flannel shirts and thermal underwear and hoodies that people tend to give at Christmas.

Total $5.23 for an outfit.

This awesome gaudy pink and black sequined tube top will be great for my 20-something niece. Originally priced $10.00, I paid $1.50.

Something you might not know about me is my love of pajamas. Or really pajama pants, because I wear different top and bottom sizes, it's hard to find a set of pjs that fit me. Plus I have a crapload of Boyfriend T-shirts I paid next to nothing for at Target a couple years ago that I love to wear because they're so comfortable, and in the Winter I just pull one of my hoodie collection on over my Boyfriend T and I'm just comfy-cozy.

(No, as much as I love them, I don't wear pj pants to Walmart, lol.)

When I saw these shiny, colorful, fun striped sleep pants I knew I had to have a pair.
Kevin said they were *flamboyant*, lol. I'll take that.
Original price $16.99, I got them for $3.56.

Plus tax and after points, my out-of-pocket cash cost for all these items was 49¢.

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