Monday, October 07, 2013

Halloween Decorating

October 1st finally arrived and I was able to start my Halloween decorating.  I'm not completely done, and add to or rearrange it here and there, but here's what I have so far.

If you remember, or haven't visited my blog before, I decorated for Fall back in September by putting out my "pumpkins", aka jack-o-lanterns turned backwards.

For Halloween I turned the jack-o-lanterns around and added some of my other Halloween pieces.

Kevin dug the Bat out from somewhere upstairs and had been using it to try to scare me after the real Bat got in the house a couple of months ago and scared me.

I also got J to install the electric socket above the mantle so I could plug in lights/a lamp/etc.

Here you can see the electric socket hidden behind the plastic canvas stitched Jack. I found a photocell light sensor adaptor thing on clearance at Walmart that I plugged in, then plugged my string lights into. So they automatically go off when it's light, and come on when it gets dark.

I found the candelabra(s) at a yard sale several years ago for $1.00 for the set. (The other is on the Sweetheart cabinet.)

I was complaining about how piled up my sweetheart cabinet always gets because it's right there when you come in the door and easy to lay things down on. It's also out of the way of the kitchen and I tend to stack things I plan to do something with later on it. Here's a stack of egg cartons for J to take to his cousin who gives us fresh eggs.

I finally got to work getting it cleaned off so I could decorate it.

(Yes, I haven't packed away Kitty's litter box yet, even though he's been gone for a few weeks now. It's still too heartbreaking. Sometimes I can still hear him in there scratching in it.)

I made this little guy several years ago, using one of Kevin's outgrown hooded shirts and a pair of jeans. I safety-pinned them together and stuffed them with newspapers.  I did sew a "head" from a couple pieces of white material, but probably a plastic shopping bag would work just as well.
Then I dressed him in a cheap plastic costume. I meant to add some gloves for hands, and sneakers, and do something about some eyes, but haven't got around to it.

Lots of yummys, and I left my CD player because I have a couple of CDs of Halloween-related songs and music I like to play sometimes. (I know I'm behind in technology, I should have an MP3 player and some speakers or whatever. But this works so I don't see a need to upgrade it yet.)

I put my black roses in my Grannie's vase (I see the Dollar Tree sells bouquets of black roses now. Back when I made these I had to spray paint red roses black.)
I found the stickers on the wine bottles at the Dollar Tree a few years ago. I found some more at the Halloween Store the other day.
And my lighted jack-o-lantern.

Here's my spider craft project as you  come up to my carport door.

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