Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hot Boiled Peanuts

That's hot "biled" or "bawlt" or "burled" peanuts, depending on which part of the South you're in. ("Burled" may be Yankee-ish, though. Sometimes I pick up other pronunciations that sound funny to me, then forget where I got it.)

You can get hot boiled peanuts around here pretty much year-round anymore, but to my reckoning, they're a Fall item.
Probably because years ago, when the boys were little and we were poor and couldn't afford to go or do much, we looked forward to visiting the Fall Harvest Craft festivals for cheap entertainment on the weekends.
Back then they didn't charge for parking and then charge an admission fee on top of that. They charged the Crafters and other vendors booth fees, and then people came and spent their money buying crafts and foods and such.
We didn't have much to spend, but it was fun to look at all the arts & crafts, and we'd let the boys jump in the inflatables, and probably buy them a marshmallow shooter or a little wooden truck toy or such.
Sometimes we'd get a meal, usually a BBQ plate, but we'd generally always get a cup of Hot Boiled Peanuts.

The boys love boiled peanuts, but when the Fall Craft/Harvest festivals started charging us to be able to go in to spend money, I got mad and quit going to them. Even when we got to where we could afford to do more, paying to get into a place to spend money in that place is plumb ridiculous. That's like Walmart charging me to be able to go in to shop.
Or...Sam's Club. Which, by the way, I never had a membership to until they gave it to me, and won't have one again when this one runs out. Pay to be able to spend...Pfffft.

Another place we'd get boiled peanuts was the flea market. But used to, flea markets were like a lot of people having yard sales in one convenient place. That seemed to change to a lot of people having Dollar Stores in one place. Only they weren't charging a dollar for the cheap, imported crap.
So now we don't very often to go to flea markets, either.

We see people set up with their cookpots/kettle/drum in parking lots or on the side of the road, but 99% of the time when I'm out driving, I'm going somewhere and stopping for a bag or cup of boiled peanuts isn't on my mind.

For a long time I didn't know I could make boiled peanuts at home. I guess I thought you had to have a big kettle over a large outdoor fire.
Eventually I researched it and couldn't believe - not only can you make boiled peanuts at home - how freekin' easy it is.

(I can't swear they taste the same as ones boiled in a big kettle over a large fire while enjoying yourself outside on a crisp Fall day, but the boys enjoyed their about once-a-year treat in the comfort of their home.)

Boiled Peanuts - Southern Plate

1 pound green or raw peanuts in the shell
1 cup salt
Fill with water 'til peanuts are covered, although they'll float at first.

Cover pot.
Bring to boil, then reduce to simmer for 3 hours.
Add water if needed.

If too salty, add more water and boil longer.
If not salty enough, add more salt and boil longer.

Of course, as will happen, while I was messing with the peanuts I was reminded of a song I learned as a kid (back when kids weren't so sensitive or such delicate little darlings), and sang to my own kids to get them to quiet down or go to sleep.
Had this song stuck in my head all day.
But that's okay because it brings back good memories from my childhood, and when the boys were sweet little babies.

♫ Found A Peanut, Found  A Peanut
Found A Peanut Just Now
Just Now I Found A Peanut
Found A Peanut Just Now ♫

The lyrics I remember were a little different from this video's version.
(2) Cracked it open.....
(3) It was rotten.....
(4) Ate it anyway.....
(5) Got sick....
(6) Called the Doctor....
(7) Said I'd be okay...
(8) Died anyway.....
(9) Went to Heaven...
(10) Wouldn't let me in....
(11) Went the other way....
(12) Woke up...
(13) Just a dream....
Begin again.

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