Monday, November 07, 2011

Motivated Again Monday

Sometimes having not much choice is a pretty dang good motivator. I either get those pictures out, or my kid gets left out of the Senior video and I'm the worst Mom in history of the world.
The pictures are out of the closet!
And they are not going back in, either. I'll just have to find a different - easier - place to store them.

Next I just have to pick like 10 photos from seventeen years/thousands of pictures worth of the kid.
I couldn't tackle that so soon after having nearly killed myself liberating the tub from the closet. Sucker was heavy!

I am also cleaning the bathroom today. The downstairs one. I don't use the upstairs one, so it's debatable (but probably a NO) that it'll get cleaned today, too.
Not sure what motivated me to clean the ds one, though. Might have something to do with smelling like an old gas station toilet.
(Once I mentioned a bathroom smelling like a gas station toilet and my boys didn't get it. When we travel and stop for gas, it's at places like QT or Flying J Truck Stops, and they keep very clean toilets, so my boys have never experienced a Vintage Gas Station Bathroom smell. Kids just don't know what they're missing these days. HA!)

The ADD person's guide to cleaning the bathroom.
1. Spray Scrubby Bubbles all over the bathtub, faucet and wall tile
2. Go do something else until you get ready to go back and wash Scrubby Bubbles off
3. Squirt toilet bowl clearner in toilet bowl and spray rest of toilet with Clorox CleanUp
4. Go post on Blog

That's as far as I've gotten so far, haha.

What I did for number 2 was work on one of my handmade Christmas cards, the big ornament ball card.
I had finally gotten the spray adhesive (which I love. I wish I'd had that stuff years ago. But be warned, even though it says Elmer's, it's more like Super Glue when you get it one you!) and found a roll of shiny red Christmas Wrap at the Dollar Tree (silver on the inside).

The picture, as usual, sucks. It looks better IRL. Better than I feared it was going to, after the way things had been going before.
Now that I've gotten this far, I have no idea what to add to it now.

The way things had been going before, it seemed like everything I tried to do was coming out not good.
For instance the Christmas ornament ball diorama I was trying to make.

After the black "primer" had dried, I painted the inside of the ball with some metallic red acrylic paint. When it dried, it didn't look metallic, it looked flat and boring.  So I sprayed it with spray adhesive and poured in red glitter I got from the Dollar Tree.
With the black showing on the backside, and the red glitter inside, the dang thing looks more like a Halloween vampire decor than anything Christmacy.

I am not amused. And have no other ideas for saving or fixing or using it for Christmas. It may end up on someone's Halloween-decorated Christmas tree (I'm sure they're out there somewhere).


Trina said...

Love them! Soooo, you have all that energy today, shall I send you a plane ticket or a train ticket??

Melissa said...

LOL, I think I used all my energy making this post. I got the toilet washed off, but the sink and floor have to wait until tomorrow. I spent the rest of the day in my favorite pursuit - reading!

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