Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Hopping

Still away today, hopefully having a great time. Here's some stuff I saw while blog-hopping this week.

Check out these great Fireman Cupcakes idea found at Mary the Kay the Blog.

Mason jar soap pump at Blissfully Content.

My Mom's maiden name is Mason, so we're pretty big collectors of Mason jars. Not your average everyday Kerr/Ball mason jars (we still use those for canning), but unique jars like the one pictured here.
A couple of years ago I found a Lamb-Mason jar on ebay. My Aunt's married name is Lamb, so I filled the jar with potpurri and bought a canning jar glass oil lamp lid and made it into sort of little oil lamp. 

This past September one of my cousins got married, bringing a new Mason into the family.  They used mason jar lanterns for the centerpieces at her shower, it was cute. 
Anyway, I was thinking mason jars might be a good theme for gift-giving for her. I've seen these canning jar soap dispensers at a couple of blogs lately and they seemed like a nice, not too difficult project. 

M&M Turkey Favors at Pink Ink Doodle. Cute! I'm gonna make these for T'giving at Mom's: 

One of the treats I traditionally make for the boys at Christmas is white-chocolate-dipped-Oreos, but I think they would like these Pops with sprinkles version. Or maybe red or green sugar crystals, to customize it for Christmas. They do love sprinkles, though, and probably wouldn't care if they look more Easter than Christmas.

What a great idea! Why can't I think of stuff like this??  Recycled Newspapers Seedling Pots
This is such a great idea - Free, and you can plant the whole thing as is so you don't risk messing up your sprouted seedlings delicate roots pulling it out of a plastic or other pot. 

We love Scrabble! Backyard Scrabble


Val - Firefighter Wife said...

I love the mason jar soap idea! Our local hardware store has mason jar wine glasses that are so funny. They are actual mason jars w/lids screwed on with a really nice looking, almost candle stick like base. It's a real misfit of elegant and fun. I knew I should have taken a picture of them. lol

Melissa said...

I never heard of such, so I had to google and check that out. Ha! They call them Redneck Wine Glasses. That's right up our alley, lol.

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