Saturday, November 05, 2011

Next Blog >>

Do you ever click it? That Next Blog>> link at the top of the page?

Like everyone, I reckon, I have my usual sites that I visit often, and others I try to visit regular like, but sometimes I just like to randomly blog-hop.

Alot of times that will be to other blogs I see buttoned or linked from blogs that I'm already visiting.
But then every so often I just take a notion to click the Next Blog>> link and see where it takes me.

It's always different places and things. I never know what Keyword it's going to pick up on to direct me to the next stop on the path, or the next one from there, or the next one, and so on.

Let's see what we discover tonight:
(1) Fingerprints on Glass; Looks like a fun blog with a family in Florida.
(2) Port Hudson Organics CSA; Thais and Will Perkins: A Louisiana gardening adventure
(3) Curly Willow Ranch; Life at Curly Willows, Art, Photography, Pacific NW gardening...and a bit of my conservative views.
(Appears the Blogger bar is missing from this blog, so I have to back up and try again from Port Hudson Organics CSA blog.)
(4) Aiken Gardens; Life and Gardening in the South Carolina sandhills (Apparently an abandoned blog - no posts since May 2010)
(5) Unshelved Words; Apparently a writer/poems blog (Alabama). Interesting how I got there from a gardening blog.
(6) Butterfly; Looks like a fun family blog with a mom that takes GORGEOUS photos (Oregon).
(7) Our Typical Life...a mom, 3 girls, & a camera; Another fun family blog with a mom that takes GORGEOUS photos (Utah).
*Is this some sort of conspiracy to rub my nose in the fact that I'm a terrible photo taker and jealous as hell of these people with all their beautiful pictures posted on their blogs???
(8) Just Our Everyday Life; Another family blog, but last posts from Nov 2010 (location unknown).
(9) Wondering Willow; Life, Motherhood and Musings (Australia)
(10) The Carnohan Family; Fun family blog....location possibly California, and just maybe possibly Mom Carnohan (who's due to have a baby in about 2 weeks, btw) might just be a Fire Wife.
*Yep, Dad Carnohan is a FF.

Wow, that was an adventure. Went to lots of different places and seen so many new people.
Several of the blogs recent posts were of their Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and going to the pumpkin farm. Fun!


Trina said...

So funny, I couldn't sleep. So, what else do I do but check to see if anyone has updated their blogs and literally thought to myself that I would take a peek at random blogs by "nexting". :D

Melissa said...

Heh, "nexting", that's cute :-)

Funny you had the same thought at the same time.

I was doing it as a time filler between downloading ebooks. Random blog-hopping I can do without requiring much effort on my part, not alot of thinking.
See I feel like I have to put more into my friends' blogs, like those linked from my blog. I don't comment too much because I have a hard time putting words together most of the time, but rest assured, I've visited and read and contemplated what was written or posted.
But random blogs I can just enjoy for the moment and be on my way...wham bam, thank ya ma'am, lol.

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