Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wednesday Book Whoreding

Since I enjoyed Lauren Dane's "Brown Siblings" series last week, and had seen some good reviews on her "Chase Brothers" series, I decided to read those next.

The Chase Brothers series is some of her earlier works, and it can be told in the writing and cheesy-ness. But if you can overlook that, the stories are actually pretty good. And the sex is mmm-mmm- good!

The stories take place in a ficticious town called Petal, Georgia, about an hour and half from Atlanta (I live about an hour and half from Atlanta!).  In this town lives four hottie, single brothers named Shane, Kyle, Matt, and Marc Chase.

Book 1: Giving Chaseintroduces us to Maggie, a High School History teacher who has a very low self-esteem thanks to an evil mother and older sister.

One Friday night while hanging out at a local spot with her girlfriends, she has a run-in with the Sheriff, Shane Chase.
Shane eventually apologizes, and they go out a couple of times, but he doesn't want to be tied down and comes in with another girl on his arm.

Maggie's friend, Olivia, sets them up a double date, and turns out the guy she set Maggie up with is a Psycho.
In the meantime, Shane's brother, Kyle, has noticed Maggie and likes what he sees. So Maggie starts seeing Kyle, and Shane's not really sure he likes it, and the Psycho guy seriously doesn't like it.

Book 2: Taking Chase;Shane Chase has been burnt in love and doesn't want anything else to do with it...until Cassie Gambol comes to town.

Cassie was a Vascular Surgeon from LA until her abusive ex-husband tried to kill her. He was sentanced to prison, but ran off before he could be locked up. Cassie had to change her identity and move across the country to hide from the revenge her ex promised when he found her.

Shane falls for Cassie, but he's big, and controlling, and she is afraid of getting into another relationship with a guy like that.

Book 3: Chased. Olivia's friends are settling down into happy marriages and babies, and she wants that for herself, but can't seem to find Mr. Right.  She dated Matt Chase for a year, but he never loved her like she loved him, the last guy she dated cheated on her, and there's no sexual chemistry with the guy she's currently seeing.

Marc Chase is the youngest Chase brother, a laid-back, happy-go-lucky flirt. He wants Liv, but doesn't know if he wants her long term, like she's looking for.

Besides the fact she doesn't trust him, he's six years younger than her and she's afraid he'll leave her when she gets old.

I'm just starting with Book 4: Making Chase. Matt Chase is a firefighter (!), and, according to the book details, comes to the rescue when Tate is hit by a car.  She brings him some homemade cookies as a thank you.
(Everyone knows how much firefighters love homemade goodies!)

Apparently Tate is from "the wrong side of the tracks", brought up poor, and people treat her badly because of it.
(Growing up poor will actually help when she's a firefighter's wife, since they will never get rich on his paycheck.)

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