Sunday, November 06, 2011


After painting my wall last week, I apparently lost all motivation to do anything else. The weather turned off chilly, which puts me in a hibernation state. I was also feeling a bit overwhelmed; on occasion I will think about everything that needs or I want to get done, and I get overwhelmed, and then I can't do anything at all.
So to take the pressure off, I gave myself a day (or, ah, maybe more than one day, haha) off to read and just not worry about stuff needing done.

It worked, and eventually I picked a chore I had been working on; sorting out some more of the stuff I cleaned out from the old storage room upstairs into keep/yard sale/get-rid-of piles. That's a chore I can do and actually feel like I've made some progress even if I don't get a whole lot done.

Once I got to working on that, I figured, well, as long as I'm going upstairs anyway, might as well carry some of this Halloween decorating stuff as I go. So eventually I got all the Halloween stuff put away too.

I'm not sure what actually motivated me into following up on an idea I'd had for a few days; me and the hubby taking off for a weekend next weekend for my birthday and our anniversary celebration, but whatever, at some point I found myself sitting down to my computer to start making plans.

Got those done yesterday, so I decided to start getting ready/packing for the trip sooner rather than last minute like I usually do.
This part's hard to explain, but the thing is, we've been playing musical bedrooms pretty much every since we've moved in this house, depending on remodeling projects, kids outgrowing their bed, moving out, moving in, back out, etc.  At any rate, me and J are currently in a tiny room downstairs and have no room for a dresser. We have an antique armoire with small drawers we keep undies and socks in, and his uniforms hangs in the small closet-part.  We have a small closet for hanging other clothes, but the rest of our clothes are basically stacked: in the rocking chair, on top of the tv, and in the bottom of the closet. (Shoes live in the floor in front of the closet.)

Also in the closet, underneath the clothes, are boxes and tubs of my family genealogy research notes/files/etc. and pictures like the kids pictures taken at school or for sports teams and such like. I always mean to sort them out put them in albums *one day* but for meantime they are safe in a damp-proof plastic tub in the bottom of my closet.
Except, now I need into it to find some pictures of my youngest son for the Senior video at school.

Okay, I thought, this will work out. I've been needing to do a clothes clean out anyway, I know there's clothes in there that I haven't worn and probably won't wear and am really just sick of wearing that needs to go. At the same time I can find some nice, warm outfit(s) for wearing on our get-away this weekend, out to eat, and on the train trip. So while all those clothes are out being sorted through, I can get the picture tub and find the pictures I need.

One-third of that plan worked out great. I got rid of two bags of clothes. But I didn't find anything I wanted to wear on a special weekend, and I was cooking pancakes when I realized that I'd put all the rest of the clothes and shoes back, blocking the picture tub back in again! Arghh!!

My motivation packed a suitcase and left me again.

Ah well.

Here's some pics of Autumn In Our Yard:

Here's a cake I baked on Halloween. There's something strange about this cake, can you guess what it is?

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