Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Book Whoreding

I was pretty busy with Black Friday and Thanksgiving these past couple of weeks, so didn't have a whole lot of time for reading, but managed to get in a couple.

As my post titles indicate, I am a book whore. Yes, I would whore for books. In fact I probably have (sex makes the angry husband less mad when you've spent the bill money on books).

The other part is also true, I'm a book Hoarder.
There was a time in my life when I kept every book I got my hands on. My Mom and Aunts always read then passed books on to the next person....when they came to me, they stayed with me.
I would go to the library's back room sale and buy books I wasn't really interested in and never read but they were only 10¢ so I couldn't pass them up.

Books are the only thing I can say I truly Hoard, but I also tend to gather a lot of Clutter.
Clutter is different from Hoarding because I don't keep absolutely everything, and especially not garbage. Ewww.

I keep a lot of things that I'm afraid I'll need or want later, and if I don't have it, then I'll have to go buy it, and it irks me to think of having to spend on something I already had, if I had just kept it.

I realized I also obtain/keep things that I associate with memories of "the good ol' days" and people I loved, gone now.

I watch a lot of the tv shows that deal with Clutter/Hoarder problems, and they've really helped me a lot.

I ran across this book Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life: Discover Why You Clutter and How You Can Stop and thumbed through it basically just to see if it offered anything different than I was getting from the tv shows, and it really did.

One big thing I've been dealing with is sentimental things. When I get to those things, I come to a big screeching halt and can't deal with anymore. This book told me it was okay to set those things aside, I don't have to deal with them at that moment, and keep going with other stuff.

It also talked about how things like Clutter affects my clarity and memory, and even about how I tend to avoid paying bills on time, even though we have the money, has to do with my Clutter problem.

I'll be reading this one again, when my mind isn't all cluttered up with shopping deals and holiday stuff, and hopfeully making a whole lot more progress with my de-cluttering project in the New Year.

So, as you might know, I got my Kindle Fire e-reader this month. (Love, love, love it! Now I can book hoard all I want and it not clutter up anything but virtual space!)

I always knew that Amazon offered freebie books every so often, but other than just 1 or 2 of my favorite authors/series, I wasn't that interested until I got my Kindle.  One of the Shopper Blogs I follow posted a book freebie I was interested in, so I went to get it, and that was when I discovered Amazon offers a whole lot of book freebies.

Mostly they are short reads, novellas, designed to get new readers interested in buying the rest of the author's books, but some of them are good for if you don't have time to read a full-length novel, then a good, quick read can feed the need until you do.

This book wasn't one of them. All's Fair by Suzie Quint was more of an excerpt of another book (I hope?) as opposed to a novella, because it doesn't really have an ending.

The premise of the story is that Georgia and Sol are divorced because Georgia can't deal with Sol being a bull-rider and being in danger.
Other than that, they still pretty much should be together, and worse, they have a daughter they share custody of.

This kind of story line is probably one of the worst ones to piss off a firefighter's wife. This chick needs to "cowboy up", pull up her big-girl panties, be a Woman, and deal with herself, because she's keeping her and her baby-daddy apart for a stupid reason.

Good grief, if she can't deal with a man being in danger, then she's going to have to marry someone who does nothing but sit on the couch all day. And even then he's setting himself up for an eventual heart attack.
A professional bullrider, a professional firefighter, and an office worker driving to work every morning all have the same chance of being injured or killed. (Around here, the office worker is actually the greater risk.)

I know they are fictional characters, what I'm saying is, if this is the way this author writes her characters, I don't think I'll care much for her books.

There'a also a lot of other freebie books like childrens and cookbooks that Amazon offers. I downloaded nearly 60 of them in one sitting!

Based on some very - very, very - high ratings, not only at Amazon, but from a book group I frequent, I read Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville.
Everyone just loved this book, to the point that some claimed to have not been able to read another book for two days afterwards.
I didn't get it.  To me, it seemed a lot like a gay romance written by a woman.

I went into the book knowing pretty much nothing more than everyone else loved it and the basic premise which was that D was a hitman who was hired to kill Jack, who had witnessed a murder.

We knew from the start that D was a hitman with a conscience and wouldn't kill anyone he didn't think didn't deserve it. Of course, he didn't think Jack deserved it and turned down the job before ever even meeting Jack.
Then some Mystery Person blackmails him into taking the job, or else. So he goes to kill Jack, but then he still can't do it, and decides to take Jack and run.

At this point, I still have no idea that Jack is a gay man. The story talks about how the nurses at the hospital where Jack works try to seduce him with cookies, and that he has an ex-wife. I was still under the impression that D saved Jack because he thought it was the right thing to do. But apparently we are supposed to know that D  knows Jack is gay and is attracted to him.

D is also divorced, but we don't learn until later that he was a closet gay all along, rather than a "gay for you" for Jack. So it was a bit startling to me when he lost it one night, and flipped Jack over and just did him. (Without any prep or lube, apparently.)
I was like, wait a minute, a "gay for you" doesn't just dive right on in his first time, does he?...and hold on, did we even determine that Jack was really gay?

I hated D's dialect...yeah, that's how I talk, but for some reason I hate to read it in my books.
And I thought Jack didn't seem like a 14-year, dual Degree college graduate Dentist-Doctor would act. He seemed, I don't know, immature. I believe "juvenile" was the word that crossed my mind several times during reading. I think she tried to portray him as innocent, but it didn't work for me.

I didn't love it, but there were so many rave reviews of this book, it makes me question myself. Did I miss something or what?


Amber said...

I am a reformed book whoreder too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kindle. There are also libraries that electronically "lend" ebooks too! That's a great way to get new best sellers.

I'm not on top of the couponing thing. I feel like I should be, but I don't have the time (or space, our 900 sq ft condo doesn't have much storage) to invest in it. I work 55 or more hours a week. I totally wish I didn't have to and could stay home, the mommy guilt kills me! Durn this economy!

Melissa said...

Yeah I did the coupon thing in extremes...because, you know, if I'm gonna go, go big, right.

But it's possible to shop on a lot lower level than I was doing (I was trying to do that myself, until Black Friday dragged me back into my old wicked ways). You can shop at say only CVS drug store if you have one of those nearby and be able to get free or really cheap shampoo, toothpaste, soap, razors, stuff you'd be buying anyway, so need for extra storage space like us Hoard.... er, Clutterers require.

Libraries lend, and with the Prime membership you can borrow a book a month from Amazon (and watch unlimited Prime movies and tv shows, if you have the new Kindle Fire). I think I also saw where you could lend some of your own books out, so it looks like you may be able to lend and borrow between friends. I have to read more up on that one.

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