Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Mission Complete

Whew! What a job!

I got started first thing this morning, emptying all the pictures and stuff out of the tub I liberated from the closet yesterday, plus another one I had stuck up under the island in the kitchen, thinking I'd do some sorting out while I had it all out. Ha.
In the end I only used 1 picture from any of the ones in the storage tubs, and almost didn't even use it. I had another one I was going to use, but the boy said N.O.
The pictures I ended up using were scanned pictures which are (amazingly) sorted by year into the shoe-box size photo storage boxes, and the rest were digital photos stored on CD's/DVD's and my PC.

I realized I didn't know how many pictures I was supposed to be sending, I thought I remembered it being 10 from my last kid I had to do this for, so - it wasn't easy - but I managed to narrow it to 10.
(He tells me after I burned them to a disk that it was 7. Oh well. They can pick the three they don't want to use if they have to.)

Baby Picture
Big boy!
1st Grade 
5th Grade
City Rec League Soccer
8th Grade
High school Freshmen
Sophmore (He ran XC all four years)
Junior (He also has/will play Soccer all four years)
(There were better pics, but he thought this one was funny)
Ended up taking me all day, so I didn't get around to doing any organizing of the photos and stuff bins like I wanted to do while I had everything spread out. On my bed. 
I wish I had a place where I could spread it all out and be able to leave it and go back to it later. When I have to spread it all out, then pack it all back up again, it's pretty hard for me to get up the interest to spread it all back out again later, knowing I'll have to pack it all right back up before I'm ready. 


Trina said...

Love them! The years do fly by, don't they!

Melissa said...

They fly by exactly as fast as it took to look at each picture. Zippity quick!

It's crazy, my oldest ought to be about 17, not my youngest.

My oldest will be turning 25 this year. I don't know how since I'm only about 35 myself. How's he catching up with me?

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