Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wednesday Book Whoreding

The books I read this week were Lorelie James'
"Saddled and Spurred" and "Wrangled and Tangled", Books 2 & 3 of her 'Blacktop Cowboys' series.

This series is okay, not one of my favorites, but I liked "Wrangled" least of all.

I also attempted to read Lora Leigh's story "An Inconvenient Mate" in the Anthology Tied With a Bow, Book...I don't know, 50.2 many...of the 'Breed' series.

I will admit I've only read one or maybe two of the Breed series, but that's all I needed to know it just really wasn't my thing. Alot of people seem to like the lab-genetically-created man-animals, but it kinda just creeps me out.

This next thing isn't books, but it is Stories, the pre-cursor to Audio books: Old Time Radio.
I don't personally remember Old Time Radio since by the time I was born they'd already invented tv's and color (my kids once asked me what it was like living when everything was black & white), but I've seen about it in some old movies.
They had all kinds of programs: drama, comedy, serial, westerns, and many more.

On Monday, November 14, 1949 a Children's Radio Program called "Fire Fighters" premiered at 4:45pm on WMAL.


Five Bells stand by all stations...
Attention all districts, a five alarm fire...
Five Bells, move in immediately...
That's it...
Let's roll...
Presenting Fire Fighters, the true to life story of our unsung heroes
who stand ready to ride, day or night, against our most murderous enemy,
the Demon of FIRE!

Follow the life and death stories of rookie Fire Fighter Tim Collins as he learns how to become a great Fireman like his late father.

Fire Fighters is an old time radio series for children. We get to hear our fire fighters in action every week in various fire fighting situations. In addition to being very entertaining, it is also very informative as it covers a variety of topics in the real life scenarios of fire fighters, with shows on different types of fires, what causes a fire, and more. The series is geared towards a child's attention span, but adults will find it interesting as well.

You can listen to or download each episode online here: Fire Fighters Single Episodes, or download three zip files of the episodes here: Fire Fighters Zip Files.

I ran across this a couple of days ago when I was starting to plan me and J's getaway this weekend and was wishing he had some long-sleeved fire dept themed t-shirts.  He has short-sleevers, but it's too chilly and he'd have to wear a jacket over it so might as well wear any old T in that case. He also has an FDNY sweatshirt, but gets too hot in it.
Anyway, I went looking on the 'net for long-sleeve-t-shirt choices, and ended up at ebay and somehow a listing for a CD with the Fire Fighters Radio Program popped up. I was like, What's that? I never heard of that. R suggested googling one of the episodes and voila', I found an archive sight with all the episodes available.

I listened to the first episode to check it out.
It was a series for children, but I think maybe "1949 children".  Grown up firefighting boys would probably enjoy this more.

While I was at the site, I clicked on some links/keywords, as I like to do to discover what else might be out there I might be interested in. "Fire Fighters", "Firefighters" and "Fire" brought up an array of audio and books and just all sorts of stuff.
Check out this old children's book (pdf file) The Country Fireman.

Wondering what other Old Time Radio programs there were, I clicked on "This Audio is Part of the Collection: Old Time Radio", and on that page I clicked "Browse by Subject/Keywords".
Oh Wow. Just wow.

I was thinking any of these OTR programs on CD would make nice gifts for any older relatives or friends that might remember listening to these as young'uns.
I'm not sure if my parents did, I'll have to bring it up in a "How 'bout the good ol' days" conversation one day to find if, and if so, which.

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