Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ornament Ball Card: Getting Started

Even though I had intended to trace a dinner plate for the ball part of the Ornament card, I wasn't feeling really comfortable with free-handing the hanging/hook part of it, so I thought maybe I'd see if I could cheat and just find a big, printable pattern to use instead.

I found this pretty large printable ornament ball pattern (click on image to open full size).

I printed it out in black and white so as to not waste all my color ink when I'm only planning to use it as a pattern.

It's big...but not big enough, I don't think. More of a saucer-sized plate than a dinner plate. Since I'm going for simple, I think it really needs to be bigger for more of a wow factor.

But, now that I'm holding it and looking at it and thinking about it, I'm thinking if I used PSP to make some more of these in different colors, they would make a cool looking swag/garland hanging decoration.
Or, maybe stack a few and glue one edge together to make a little book, say a photo album or recipe book, or glue lined/decorative pages in and make it a list keeper or journal, maybe a mini- Christmas scrapbook.

Anyway, back to the project at hand.  So I cut out the ornament ball pattern, and tucked it under my dinner plate and traced.

When I cut it out I had a lot bigger ornament ball.
I don't know of the hanging/hook part is porportionate to the size of the ball, but if I don't think it looks big enough when I'm decorating it then I'll exaggerate the size of it with my tinfoil or whatever I end up using on it.

Next I'll trace it onto a piece of cardboard, and then decorate.
Easier said than done. I'm not too good at that part.

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