Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Day is This?

I am so confused.
Last week has got me all thrown off. With Kev being out of school, Ryan being sick and not going to school or on calls...I went shopping first thing on Thursday, then to Mom's for dinner, so it seemed more like Sunday. Friday was like a Saturday because I stayed in bed and fell back asleep after sending J off to work (one of his jobs, I can't remember which now).
J was in and out on Sunday, hauling the garbage off, going to visit his Mom in the nursing home, going deer hunting later, so that seemed like a weekday.
Kevin caught Ryan's viral thing (I know it was viral b/c I took Ryan to the Doctor last Monday, thinking he had the flu or Strep but it was neither), and I knew he wouldn't be going to school Monday, so I kicked J out of bed to go to work (the Urgent Care job) and went back to sleep - another Saturday again.
Yesterday was rainy, gray, dark and dreary. It seemed like a Sunday all day, until R had to go to class last night.

For some reason, I thought J was off today. I don't know how I arrived at that conclusion, but our water heater went on the fritz Sunday and J wanted to take off from the Urgent Care on Monday to fix it. I was like, we need the money, and it's only one day.  Sooo, since Kev was still so sick and wouldn't be making it to school this morning, I set the clock for 8:30, time to get Ryan up for class - not 6:30, when J needs to get up to go to work at the firehouse.
Luckily I woke up early, freaked out, not knowing what day it was or who was supposed to be where or what was going on, so I got up and looked at the calendar and saw J was supposed to be at the firehouse today.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. Went to my parent's local house (they also have homes in the mountains and Florida, so we have to give them names to specify which).  At first we thought it was just going to be "us" as in my parents, and mine and my sister's families; 13 altogether.  But ended up there was probably twice that many, with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and more Cousins. It turned out to be a real house full, which made my Mom very excited.
And OMG at all the food. I bet we could have fed all the little starving children in China.

The weather was very nice last week, getting up into the 70's. After some cold days, 70's felt pretty dang good.
We got out in the yard some, and checked on the garden. After some rain and warmer temps, our collards and/or cabbage grew some more:

I still can't tell which is collards and which is cabbage, or if they are both one or the other (I am pretty sure I planted different seeds, though!).

They still seem awful small to me for the months they've been planted. And J told me last week his Dad and brother have BIG cabbage plants. I just don't have real high hopes for home-grown collards on New Year's day, even if the cold weather don't kill them off first.

I also did some trans-plants from my Aloe plant. My oldest son's girlfriend gave me a small Aloe plant a couple of years ago, and I somehow managed to not kill it off.  As if that weren't freekin' amazing on it's own, it grew up and went on to have babies - or pups, as I read they were called.

I transplanted the original 4 or 5 pups, gave a couple away, and then awhile later I transplanted another 4 or 5 pups from the mother plant. Then last week I got another several pups from the mother plant, and one of the older pups had a pup of it's own.
Sigh. They grow up so fast.

I was under the mistaken impression that these were outside-hardy plants. I know my Grannie had an Aloe plant out beside her house, but apparently it was a different kind, but I thought I had seen really large versions of these plants in people's yards. Maybe they are a different kind, too.  I also thought I had read on the internet that they could live outside year-round. Either they were mistaken, or, again, different variety of Aloe.
At any rate, mine was sitting out on the back porch and it got down around freezing and these plants really did not like it. Their tips turned brown and shriveled. Eep.

The only place I really have is my kitchen window sill to sit a plant where it can get the sunlight it needs, so I kept one of the smaller plants, and took the rest to my Mom, et.al. Mom has a sunroom in her house up here, or she can take them to her house in Florida where it can live outside year-round.
A couple of Aunts and a cousin took some of the baby pups, so they all went to good homes.

And two years from now we're all going to be trying to give each other Aloe plants and everyone's going to be over-run with them, haha!

Otherwise I spent alot of time last week messing with my coupon-shopping-deals.
I really only did the Black Friday deals at the Drug Stores. We tried going to Walmart but yeah - No.
If you're interested in my shopping deals, you can visit my Shopping Blog.

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