Saturday, June 28, 2014


This past month or so, I've been concerned about the fact that our Catawba Tree filled in and shaded the last row of our tomatoes in the garden.

Yeah, not so much worry of that now. Those Worms had a feast.

Rain: It rained some, off/on, here and there this week. I didn't do good of a job keeping up with it, except I know we got over an inch on Thursday.

Thursday, we went over to Alabama to visit with my Great Uncle (my Grandmother's brother) and Great Aunt for the day.

My Uncle is (apparently not as old as I had thought, lol) a fantastic gardener, has that magic Green Thumb, and has most, at least half of his yard planted with fruits and veggies. 

He put his - garden, but specifically tomatoes - out a lot earlier than I did. I waited until after Easter and all danger of frost was past, but he put his on out and covered them when it came frosts.
Anyway, he has lots and lots of tomatoes ripe already, and sent us home with "a few" for J to eat until ours gets ready. (Me and the boys don't eat fresh tomatoes.)

There were "a few" more than J could eat before they went bad, so I left him a couple or so, and decided to can up the rest.

You can't hardly tell it by the picture, but they are some pretty large tomatoes. I ended up canning 3 pints just from these 8 tomatoes.

And in other news, we're starting to get the camper ready for our Road Trip next month.

Turned out the water heater tank had cracked. Guess it hadn't been Winterized last year, and we had an unusually cold Winter. It's probably a miracle every pipe in the thing isn't in pieces.

I ordered a (brand new) replacement water heater from eBay for about 1/2 the price as our local Camping/RV store(s).

I vacuumed, wiped all the surfaces with cleaner, washed the cushion covers, we checked out the water and gas, and unrolled and set up the awning.... It's in good shape but I'm trying to figure out a way to be able to put my mosquito netting panels to make it into a screened room so we can get outside the camper without getting toted away by the bugs.

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