Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Sun, But Also Rain

 The rain chances were less today than they had been the past couple of days, and the sun was up and shining nice and bright this morning. I was able to get a load of laundry hung out.

LOL, I was asked if I do laundry so often, or find laundry to do, just so I can hang it out on the line.
Nahhhh. I just do about a load of laundry a day anyway. I have piles - colors, jeans/rough clothes, whites, underwear/socks, other - and when one pile gets enough in it, then I wash it.

So here's the big Catawba tree that ended up filling in and shading my last row of tomaters.

You can see how spindly/skinny the Rutgers maters are

Compared to the Black Russians a couple of rows up

Or the Beefsteak-ers

The Cherokee Purples are doing very well (although I'm not comparing them to the Rutgers because they were older, bought from the store, not raised from seed like all the others)

They both already have some maters growing on them

As I was out taking in pics of the garden, I heard a noise over around the shed and looked up to see we have some new little additions to the non-farm

Aren't they so cuuute? Unfortunately they're feral, extremely skeerdy, so we can't play with them.

I considered trying feeding them and seeing if I could get them to be more domesticated/friendly, but decided to leave things alone. The system has worked well enough so far, no use in messing it up.

We've had feral cats in the yard for years, usually 3-4 at a time. We don't feed them - other than I throw out scraps every so often, when I clean out the fridge or something - so they are taught by their parents to hunt for their food. You see them all the time, stalking birds and squirrels. They keep the mice population controlled, and I'm told they keep snakes away. Not sure about that, but I haven't ran across any snakes in the yard or in any of the outbuildings or carport.

It did eventually rain in the evening. I checked the rain gauge earlier in the day and we had gotten exactly 1/2-inch yesterday. This evening we got a 10th of an inch.

On the way home from Graduation, there was a gorgeous rainbow. Wish I could take pictures like others can, that could actually capture the true beauty of things like that

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