Friday, June 06, 2014


Not much going on 'round here lately...mostly the same ol' same ol'.
Me and J worked out in the yard a little bit (a very little bit) the other day. Someone stole our weedeater so we haven't been able to trim, so I was using the hedge clippers to hack at the larger weeds, and J push-mowed one of the front banks and nearly killed hisself.

He replaced some of the lines on my clothesline. The cotton string-rope whatever that was on there started fraying and breaking already. Broke down and got heavy-duty plastic coated wire this time. Should last longer than me.

Funny story: Some things, like bath towels, sleeping clothes, and underwear I usually dry in the dryer so it's not as "crunchy" as line dried. But I figured out it's really only the bath towels that get so crunchy, and the other clothes not so much.  So the other day I decided to hang the load of socks and underwear - the guys' boxer/briefs and my Vicky's undies - on the line.
I read some "Clothesline hints" the other day that instructed you to hang underwear to the inside, and other clothes on the outer lines to hide the undies.
I'm glad I read that because I doubt I would have thought of it myself, and I probably would have ended up yanking them right back down.

It was so crazy because not much embarrasses me, and really I would have thought I'd be one to hang our drawers right out in the open to flap in the breeze for the whole neighborhood's enjoyment.
But instead, I was freaking out. I hung the undies fast, then hurried to hang other clothes on the outer lines to hide them!

I don't know what was wrong with me.

Yesterday and the day before, it looked like rain both days, but never did rain.
I changed/washed the bedsheets but didn't hang them out because I thought it would rain.

Another funny: Yesterday morning I got up and as I walked to the kitchen I found myself thinking, "Looks like we might get some weather today".
I realized I say/think that saying pretty often, guess I heard my Grannie and others say it my whole life.
It's just funny if you think about it, we get weather every day. It's just not always rainy/bad weather.

This morning we woke up to a bit of thunder and rain. Not too much here.

It cleared off, and I took Kevin to a doctor's appointment at 3:00. We got back home around 5:20'ish, just about 15 minutes before some really scary looking storms were headed our way.
The facebook weather pages got very excited, and there were severe thunderstorm warnings, something called a Derecho, or at least extremely strong winds, possible hail and potential tornadoes.

Looking at the radar when they first started I was like, ah, nah, that's not coming here. But as they got closer, they seemed to fire up worse.  I finally got nervous and cleaned out the storm shelter closet.

Ryan (working at 911 tonight) texted and said someone had reported a tornado on the west side of the county...we live on the East side, so what happens over there, usually heads in this direction, but just north of us, which is apparently what happened again today, even though the storms were coming down - moving south-east instead of north-east.  He texted to warn us about bad weather headed this way, at the same time the Code Red Alert robot called to give us of a severe thunderstorm warning, and then he said a tree had fallen on a house in our town, possible tornado (it wasn't a tornado).

But here, meh, the wind picked up a little, not even enough to scare me. I've seen it a whole lot worse.It lightened and thundered a little, not very loud. It did rain buckets, though.

The garden should be good on watering for the next few days, if we don't get any more showers. Scattered pop-up showers are in the forecast for every afternoon, so hopefully it'll continue with the right amount of sun and rain, as it has been.

And no hail. Knock on wood, so far so good.

Only other news is, my poor old computer died. 

It was 7 years old, which is something like 70 or 90 in people years, I guess.

Instead of going and buying a new one, with all the stuff and programs already on it, Ryan built me one from scratch. It has (had) nothing but Windows, and has 3 Terabytes of space. 3 terabytes!
My old computer had 500 gigabytes. I remember when I first got it, that was a lot. Someone told me I could run my own server with that. (Not that I had/have any idea what that means, but it sounded awesome.)

But then I filled 500 GBs up, with all my photos, movies, ebooks, craft patterns, memes, etc. So I went out and bought a 1 terabyte external hard drive to store my files on, to free up space on my PC.
Even with all the files, in some cases double and triple or more because I'm so disorganized I back up the same files over and over, I haven't filled up but about half of the external hard drive. 3 terabytes should last me forever. Too bad the computer won't.

Anyway, now I'm spending a lot of time trying to get all my files and saved stuff transferred back over, and trying to find passwords I saved and forgot, favorites, and downloading programs I like and need. 

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