Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Day Before Easter

Today I had planned to work on getting Treats ready for Easter, and going to my Mom's to visit with them and my Sister, who is up for the Holiday.

I made these baskets out of boxes of Theater candy for J, the boys, and one for my nephew. The handles are Sour Punch Straws taped together and wrapped in a mesh ribbon.

Made these Bunny-in-a-jars for my Mom, Sister, Aunt(s), Cousin(s).

I had also planned to make a few batches of my DIY Reese's Eggs that I planned to give to my Cousin and Brother-in-Law, but we ended up taking a last minute trip to opposite side of Atlanta to look at/buy a camper.

Last year we had bought a small travel trailer that turned out to be too small. So I had been looking for another one, still small, but a little larger.

This one popped up on Craigslist yesterday. It's 30 years old, but in our price range, and in surprisingly good, nearly original shape for both the age and price. Mostly campers as cheap as I needed it to be are "vintage" "project" trailers, gutted, or needed completely refurbishing.

J came in this morning from working 48 hours - the last 24 on the ambulance which is non-stop, no breaks, no naps - and goes back to work tomorrow, so this afternoon was about the only opportunity we'd have to go. I don't doubt it would have sold before we could go on Monday. I missed out on another one a couple weeks ago because we couldn't go see it quick enough.

By the time we got back, the family had gone to a dinner (I was invited, didn't want to go, because, anti-social). Also, I was soooo tired. Riding is exhausting for some reason. I really just wanted to come home, take off my shoes, fix my Reese's eggs, and crash.

Instead, J plugged the electricity in the camper and turned on the lights and started messing with things. I thought we'd pretty much gone over everything, checked out and messed with everything at the lady's we bought it from house.

I was poking around in the back, making packing or decorating plans or whatever, and J says "Shhh..."  He listened, and went outside, and came back  inside and looked at something and said, "Yep, that's what I thought I heard."  I went and looked, and water was pouring from the wall, and out the back of the thing!

WTH? Have you ever heard of anyone with as bad luck as us?  That couldn't have shown up while we were looking at it? I could've probably got it for half the price, since now we apparently have to replace the water heater. J thinks it probably froze during our especially cold winter this year and busted the inner tank. FML.

(I'm sure the lady had no idea about it, because she went to the trouble of dragging out drop cords to plug it in to show us everything worked, and even turned on the water pump. I'm sure she wouldn't have done that if she knew it would pour water out of the wall. I guess we just didn't run it long enough for enough water to come out at her place.)

Needless to say, tired and then discouraged on top of that, the Reese's eggs didn't get done.

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