Friday, June 06, 2014

Mother Nature For the Win

So I've been playing this little game, seeing if I can predict the weather.

Sometimes I just look outside and see if it looks like rain, sometimes I base it on where the clouds are building or from which direction I hear the thunder. Some days it's how the screen door closes, or not.

I don't watch the News on tv, and only pay about half-ass attention to the weather site posts on my facebook page, unless something is going on, so most of the time I actually have no idea what the forecast is at all. 

The majority of the days we have been in a "Summer" weather pattern, where the day is sunny and hot, and may or may not come a pop-up thundershower in the late afternoon.
I'd try to predict whether a shower was going to pop up here or not, but either way, I was good hanging out my laundry out on the line early in the day.

After waking up to a thunder shower yesterday morning, and some stronger storms last night, this morning turned off gorgeous, the sun shining so nice and bright, like the whole world had had a good cleaning.

So I threw in a load of laundry to wash, and when I went to hang them out, a cloud had come up over the sun. That happens, though, and usually they'll move on and the sun will come back out, so I hung the clothes and came back inside and sat down to watch an episode of Arrow.

Next thing I know, downpour.
Not even a thunder to warn me. The bottom just fell out. Whoosh.

I debated just leaving them out there, but didn't know how long it was supposed to rain and some of them were J's uniform clothes so I had to go out in the pouring rain to grab the things off the line.
Of course it started raining harder as I was out there trying to get them! Haaaah!
So much for predicting what Mother Nature will do.

Did I ever tell you about the time my brother-in-law's dryer broke? He has three daughters, so yeah, lots of laundry.

However, he also lived in a house with an enclosed front porch running the length of the front of the house.

I told him that I could fix his dryer problem easily, and for only two dollars.
All he needed to do was go to Dollar Tree and buy a bundle of clothesline and a bag of clothespins.

He snorted at me and said "Yeah, right."  Like that was the dumbest thing he'd heard all day.

I think he's the bonehead. If I had an enclosed porch* or a basement, I'd totally have an indoor clothesline in it.
As it is, during the winter or when it's rainy,  I hang clothes on hangers in the mudroom or in door openings in the house.

Not only does it save money on the electric bill not running the dryer, but I figured out dryers ruin clothes. It's not as easy to notice as kids are growing; kids ruin and outgrow clothes anyway. But once they quit growing and destroying clothes, then it's more obvious.
I thought my youngest son had outgrown his jeans, so I took him to Goodwill to try on the next size up, but they were too big! Turned out he still wore the same size, but his perfectly good jeans had shrank. What a waste of money. 

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